What's Wrong With My Face

Published on Aug 30, 2020
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  • Doctor Mike @ your service!

  • I'm watching this with a swollen face from sunburn, it's not as bad, but im right there with you

  • This is an epoxy resin allergy. Avoid this ingredient.

  • I feel you cristine cause a year ago - when I was 11 - I had similar flare ups but all of my face became red and since my eyes had puffed up to the point where I could not see, I accidentally tripped down the stairs and dislocated my knee. But I’ve recovered so yay 😃. But I hope that you feel better eventually, stay strong 💪 💿

  • lol dude a random middle age white woman : have you tryed going outside

  • Everything

  • i also get this and have been for years and doctors don’t know what it is but they tell me to use tacrolimis ointment to make it go away which helps whenever i get flare ups. to me it feels like i’m allergic to my tears because whenever my eyes water during flare ups, it burns the rash more. i hope you find out what it is because i feel like i have the same thing!

  • As someone who got sun poisoning and vicious swelling on my face and hands last month. I really feel your frustration, I really hope you can stop this from happening.

  • Many years ago I got shingles on my face (forehead, nose and left eye) and my eyes swelled up like yours did. However I got blisters instead of a rash. Everyday for a week I had to go to the eye doctor to ensure that my vision wasn’t being affected. Two years later with daily eye drops I still have no feeling on the side of my nose and have to be aware of the vision in my left eye. Hope they have figured out what is going on with your face.

  • Please give us an update :( I know every body reacts different but I have the same symptoms too and it will be a relief to know if you find a cure, I’m kind of desperate because it’s been a year since this thing come and goes, sometimes I stay puffy for weeks :((

  • You need to see an immunologist as well

  • Lol I Feel you on the roid rave! I get hyper every time I have to have them I don’t sleep for days!

  • How is your face doing???? Any better?? Hugs!!

  • 0:39 thats what i look like when my dog wakes me up lol (no allergec reaction of corse)

  • You are funny. USdos just threw you in my feed and I have never looked up nails before but I like you. Consider me a subscriber. Lol

  • "I just want you to feel better" get u a MAN

  • Maybe you need better air quality with a purifier

  • Do we have an update???

  • I've had something kinda like this happen. I think it was because I was in a really pollute area, because when I left it had gone back to normal, but it was really bad and I couldn't see out of one of my eyes.

  • When I was younger, probably like 6-8, I did ballet. We were doing a recital, only one I ever did. And my mom put a tiny bit of makeup on me, only small stuff like mascara and maybe lip gloss I don’t frikin remember. Next morning (I think that we hadn’t removed all the eye makeup) and I legit couldn’t open my eyes. *Clearly I freaked the hell out* maybe like half an hour later it went away or we fixed it (it was like 10 years ago my memory sucks)

  • I had a Similar thing happen to me

  • I fear Cristine is having a reaction to everyone hounding them about marriage. If this continues, Ben could be next🤒

  • i remembered u made this video and i’ve been having the issues with the same spot of my face and i haven’t been able to tell what’s going on. i dont where makeup and stuff tho so idk what is causing mine. and mine starts on my cheekbones and this is the first time it’s gotten on my eyelids.

  • that happed to my mom

  • i wonder how it is now

  • Do we have an update? How have you been going?

  • Can we get an update please? ☺️😇😇

  • You guys cannot diagnose her through a video...


  • She totally got work done... come on don't be such a Kylie. (When she got her lips done.. duh)

  • Karma for Ben's forehead hickey embarrassment... 😂😂😂

  • did the hospital really spell your name wrong?

  • I had something similar happen to me in undergrad. I also have eczema and am very sensitive to high pollution, stress, and dry air.

  • No matter what I will always be with you christn

  • “What’s up I’m puffy “ That’s the mood of 2021

  • Positivity we will still be supportive.

  • Love, you are beautiful let me tell you just love yourself no matter what. Even when your eyes are puffy they still make your whole face beautiful.💕💕💕

  • I'm so happy to have someone be so open about this. I get terrible eczema that is so visible on my face so I feel the pain. I hope you feel better as soon as you can!!

  • You know there’s something wrong when she’s not wearing nail polish (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • I have cystic acne.. so when I'm in clear skin phases I never wear makeup because I be feeln so confident that I finally don't have a damn deep& painful cyst on my face... so I understand your sentiment regarding appreciating nice skin

  • The fact that the dermatologist continued to prescribe steroids even tho the rash kept coming back worse each time is scary.

  • this actually happend to me last year, it was mono and i would not recomend:/

  • my brother has gotten this like 3 times aready

  • ooo

  • Doctor Mike, I’m curious to know if it’s possibly Lupus. I’m not trying to diagnose but the scientist in me is thinking this. I have my bachelors in medical science so hearing things like this brings me back to class and having to figure out things with only patient symptoms and little to no lab information. Get better, Christine!

  • I’m literally dealing with the same thing

  • that’s nephrotic syndrome i think

  • hello guys try to make my comment more liked than dr mike😏 PEEWOOP

  • Fungus. Just saying. Happened to my face. Got an ointment against athlete's foot, it helped. Just be careful not to get it IN your eyes. Good luck! ☺️

  • Are you alejic to cats

  • My daughter started getting the same thing last year. So far it only happened 3 times, so the doctor hasn’t investigated it more. It looks like double black eyes, except itchy and raw.

  • dont worry christine. i have the same thing but worse. i also get incredebly dry skin after the swelling goes away and small bumps too.

  • hey so what ever happened with this???? this was happening to me as a teen and no one knew why. eventually it went away :).

  • Eczema

  • I have the same thing, my eyes make red rings and flare up when i wear some types of makeup, but i just try not to touch it, and make sure it stays clean. My whole face dies flare up, just my eyes. Even when i out water around my eyes and it hurts so bad.

  • Did this ever get resolved?

  • I've had similar swelling on my face, it turned out to be seborrheic dermatitis. In the beginning it would swell the affected area ,( like what's happening to you) then dry up into flakes and after that leak pus 😔. Its at its worse when I'm stressed, which is all the time lately 🙄

  • Seriously, you and Joana Ceddia are the same person, you even seem to have the same skin issues 😥😢 Hers is an eczema caused by corticosteroids withdrawal (prescribed for the eczema in the first place =/) I hope you all get better 🙏🏻❤ PS: she also lives in Canada, could it be the temperture, air, food, something like that? Just wondering 🤔

  • Hi

  • I've got something like that, maybe not specifically but similar. I get flare ups of weird blister type things that turn into burning, itchy patches. No idea what causes it, but it's awful. It's no fun to have raw painful bits on your face 😔 I hope you find a true cure! ♥

  • I have eczema, and I think you’ve said that you have it, so I can’t imagine how much more pain that would cause than just a normal rash. I hope you get well soon😭

  • Any updates?

  • how are you now? i’m allergic to cats and when i have a reaction it’s itchy as hell and with a few benadryl i’m back to normal....if i woke up with this itchiness i’d scratch my eyes out....good for you to still have your eye balls to play with! hopefully all the drs will figure out what’s wrong with you soon. take care!!! ps...you look so fresh and baby face right now!!! shout out from yukon territory gurl!!!!

  • Omg did u get checked for MRSA I had this its a really bad big that takes forever to go away. I did my eyebrows and my eye blew up to as big as yours. Yea I cant be taking that much steroids thats crazy women.

  • Does anyone have an update on this? Did it clear up? Was the mystery solved? Thank you!

  • honestly, i thought she looked really good in this vid. like she was glowing

  • I had something similar around my eyes awhile back and they told me it was because of eczema. You’ve probably found out what it is at this point but that was the case with me

  • I hope you find the answers soon. I understand the struggle of not knowing what's happening to you and seeing multiple specialists but still not having answers and just being in pain that affects your work. You'll find one with an answer one day. Till then you can do this!! I believe in you!!

  • it's been 9 months i want update xd

  • Holo Doctor Mike.

  • Did you see an eye doctor? I had something similar but not as worse.


  • My dad has been on starodes sorry I don’t know how to spell it and he feels so third all the time but he’s getting better!

  • This is how my face reacts when I am near cats bc I’m allergic to cats. I hope this isn’t the cause for your reaction. Get well soon❤️

    • @S Darby you can take allergy medicine to help a bit or you can get allergy shots from your doctor every week and eventually it will start to get better.🙂

    • Yeah my bff has the exact same reaction when she is around cats. It sucks because she loves ccats, but what can you do.

  • I haven’t checked in with you for a while so you don’t look as weird to me because I don’t have a recent reference. I see that you seem fine in the thumbnails of your later videos. I’m happy for you & I hope they’ve figured out what’s happening & that it’s easily cured

  • This reminds me of what happened with Jaiden. Was mostly caused from stress lol

  • Oh no! That happens to me when I’m around cats 😢 I really hope your not allergic to mechi 😭

  • not me coming from joana ceddia’s video .. i hope you’re doing well 🤎

  • I'm probably late with this you probably already know what's going on but my first thought was the tea. I hate telling you that as a fellow tea lover but I have had allergic reactions because of pollen that's not cleansed out of loose leaf tea. I don't know if this will help you or not I just thought I would tell you.

  • Thats exactly what happens to me with gel nail polish. Only affects my face not hands. No matter how much i cure it, only steroids helped. Also some acrylics, i had to completely part ways with gel

  • I have no idea what that is, I'm sorry, but it looks like the time my friend had REALLY puffy eyes on an exam day...and she said she didn't need to go back home because her parents knew and she wanted to finish the exam first...I told her to put ice on her face and it did calm it down, and she went to the doctor after school. It was an allergy, but she hasn't told me what yet XD

  • Hope you get better

  • Am I the only one that noticed how white her neck was

  • holographic hologram holo holosexual holographics holographic chocolate hologram idk I’m tired

  • please PLEASE give us an update because I have the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS that have been going on for the past year and we are not able to go to several doctors to figure out what is happening to me. I relate with you so so so so much. Literally. everything. Even the patch testing and the metals in makeup. My symptoms are identical. Please please give us an update if you get one... thank you for sharing this video I know how hard it is and I feel how you feel.

    • miseryschewtoy wow thank you for caring!! We still do not have a full answer but the condition of my skin got much better from 3 months ago since I posted that comment!!

    • Does it happen before your period? Because hormonal rashes around the eyes are also a thing!! Just throwing out ideas here. I just feel so bad hearing you’re also experiencing this:(

    • Angioedema maybe? Try to see an ear nose and throat doctor if you can. I’m so sorry honey. It seems really painful.

    • @peacendpola23 She said it's coming back without wearing makeup, if you watched the video.

    • She... is simply allergic to some metals in some eyeshadows. And she stopped using said eyeshadows...

  • I feel you, my blood type is now Zyrtec. Dat chit works to keep me from flareups👍

  • A few day ago I had a Sirius reaction to sun cream i cind of could see but I'm bet now hope you get better soon 🙂

  • Did you ever find out what cause this? I hope you are okay

  • i don't know if i had was similar but on one of my eyes at the top (underneath my eyebrow) it was swelling up and i couldn't see. all i had to do was just massage it with warm water. it was weird because it went away after 2 days-

  • Ummmm I’m coming back to this video Because this is happening to me..... ahhhh

  • All you need is a glossy taco

  • Haters *sees title* “ha everything is” jk I’m not a hater Also I sign the petition ✅

  • This has happened to me!!!! The first time it happened it was triggered by two cats at my in laws place. Since then I get flare ups randomly, and have become more sensitive to heavy creams. If I put on a heavy oil based cream, I will get another flare up that lasts anywhere from 1 week to a few weeks. Even though now it's triggered by heavy facial cream/oil, it originally started from the cats :( I have always been allergic to cats (runny nose, itchy skin, hives, etc) but have never reacted this way until last year.

  • What will Cristine do if she's allergic to the latex and spandex in her workout clothes? Or something in her home gym equipment?

  • I had this. Just read a little about RED SKIN SYNDROM... stress is top one thing but try to avoid topical steroids. Or u would end up really badly. Skin gets addicted on it soo quickly :( and as any addiction it is really bad to get rid of it... Good luck! And get well sooon!! :)

  • Can simplyfacelogical come out play with us yet?? I hope she is ungrounded soon!

  • Hearing Cristine talk about how hyper she gets when taking prednisone makes my asthmatic ass feel seen 😂🙃

  • i’m allergic to hair dye i dye my hair the first time at 22 because i have gray hair my face ones looks worse than yours now i’m 24 and i accept my gray hair it’s ok


  • My eyes are currently starting look like Cristines (kinda worried) but I don’t look as good as she does I just look like a molerat instead with no holo