We Tried Making Holographic Chocolate

Published on Dec 12, 2020
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  • holo taco sunglasses that make everything holo though??

  • alternate title: Ben reevaluates his life choices for 17 minutes

  • there is only one way to picture this. ben is the parent doing all the stuff and cristine is the child who just messes around and wants the food to be done

  • beyyyn: come on ben its only choclate use your mussels simmply: look at the milk go!😂

  • 4:58 IS IT JUST ME OR DOES IT LOOK LIKE BEYN IS LOOKING AT CRISTINES ASS? ( yes ik it’s july but i’m watching this for the second time bc she’s makes me happy)

  • BEYYN talking science

  • Ok I just got back from a trip out and I got some black boots. But they aren't regular boots. THEY'RE HOLO!!!!!!! I saw them and I was just like "omg these are pretty and I love them" tho I didn't expect to get them but I didn't see any other shoes I liked so I ended up getting them and I'm in love with them and I don't care if they don't breathe well (which they really don't)

  • This video reminds me of when Jenna Marbles did cooking videos and Julien basically took over the whole thing while she just stood there and looked cute and helpful 😂

  • ben: trying to explain what to do Cristine: dancing around menchi: what the fxck are you doing

  • Oh gosh, can someone tell them they aren’t funny at all

  • I would actually watch “Baking with Beyyyyyn”

  • omg where can I get the H

  • She doesn't have much smarts for logic huh

  • Cristine : making tea and relaxing Ben : mixing chocolate aggressively and questioning his life decisions

  • That's a holo Choco instead of holo taco Edit: I said this before she did and I didn't realize

  • As Chucky from rugrats all grown up said The key to happiness is lowered expectations.

  • How do you guys think of this you are brilliant I would’ve never thought of anything like this that chocolate is beautiful I want to eat it it would be funny if you ate that chocolate and I found holo in a duke later un that’s not how it works.

  • I love when Christine says oh my gosh it’s Hallllllllllllllll

  • Watching this video while pregnant is not a good idea. I want chocolate so bad now!!!

  • Don't mind her just a 30 year old obsessed with holo (NOT A THREAT)

  • The reason why the holo only took to the part that came off by bubbling is probably because the lines that make it holo are so small and therefore peeling it off rips through those lines

  • Ben you did the tempering the hard way. Watch Ann Reardon’s chocolate episode! She explains everything about how to temper chocolate including all the different ways and the difference between real and fake chocolate!

  • I love how Ben just surrender and stop trying explaining Cristine why she can eat the holo chocolate

  • BEYYYYYYYN...please never call us Super Simps again...😂 I prefer Holosexual.

  • My fav word beyyyyyyyyn

  • Christine it’s holo-day

  • She's putting so much brainpower into trying to figure out how it works and i love her

  • being english my second language and understanding Ben's logic in this vid is an honor for me

  • Zyler be like “ mum and dad stop fighting”

  • Cooking with Ben

  • 💿

  • h💍l💍

  • This is now Simply Ben Baking

  • for me ''crappy'' easter chocolate tastes good

  • Ok now holo tea

  • 0:49 Ben explaining things and Cristine being a child

  • I'm crying! Ben sadly tempering while we have a tea break 😂😂

  • ben knows all

  • I would genuinely love Ben having his own food related channel. He seemed really enthusiastic with this❤️

  • I'm not sure it's safe to eat plastic film

  • I love simplynailogial and have been watching her videos for almost 5 years. I have never thought she was annoying until this video lmaooo, still appreciate you though. Luv you too Beyn!

  • Bayyking with Beyyyn

  • This is Ann Reardons

  • HOLO stretchmarks on chocolade??

  • Simply Beyyynlogical!! lol

  • He knows the science, and she is like “it’s like this?” And he’s like “no, it’s 100% not” and she’s like “but….. then why is it doing it like that?” And he’s like “IT SHOULDNT BE”

  • Taste the rainbow

  • Ko ovo moze procitati neka napise u komentare ovo 🥰 i napisite njihova imena na srpskom

  • Simply holo a nailogical time

  • Fun fact, my grandparents had a business of making sugar free candy, and my mom would temper chocolate and we still have the machine in our house

  • now u gotta make an actual holo taco

  • We literally all called it when Ann made a video about it on how to cook that. Totally original content. Good job. It's not like you stole the idea or anything...


  • i think you simply need glasses

  • Ben:Explaining how its holo and the way it works Cristine: H O L O

  • The Government of Canada is watching this video wondering how Cristine ever got hired 😂


  • holo choco

  • Ben: We need to temper chocolate Me: *flashbacks to Claire trying to temper chocolate in the BA test kitchen*

  • The furry furtive search prominently list because goal retrospectively itch like a obscene downtown. sharp, grotesque english

  • Its not Christmas but holo Christmas everyone

  • I wish they made a chocolate cd. 🍫💿

  • this is another example of why we need a channel of just ben cooking

  • chrstine: is it like maple taffy older christine: mak ing maple tffy apples. is cannda even real

  • I loved Ben's explanation!! He explained it so well!

  • I haven’t been here in a while and ben is such a front man now wow! That is great! Was looking for holo resin molds and saw people comment how you can use sheets instead of expensive molds. Cool. Now I want chocolate thanks guys lol 🍫 💿

  • ben is the only man i will allow to mansplain without me wanting to punch him bc he's not a dumbass like every other man 💃🕺🏻

  • Idk why this isn’t on simply not logical but I’m still here for it

  • Beyyyynn be like this is my chance for a video

  • 16:15 ) Does anyone know what song this is?

  • I am Ben in this video 😂❤️


  • Cristine the holo queen

  • i guess you could make candies or chocolate holo bonbons using that paper

  • Ben shaking the chocolate bag vigoriously- "TrEaTs!! tReAtS!"

  • 3:19 completely understandable. I don’t remember what it was but I remember craving something sweet so bad I ate a decorative thingy off the Christmas tree. It was definitely not sweet or even food….but I had committed already.

  • Holo days

  • If Ben said it was transferring the TEXTURE I think she would’ve gotten it

  • Hey Christine, you remember that holo cappuccino? The method for this holo chocolate could probably be used with sugar to make holo sugar crystals to put on any and all food~ :)

  • is it real HOLOOOOOOOOO

  • To put it simply, no part of the paper stays on the chocolate, only the texture transfers to the chocolate and the texture is what makes the light refract in this way. If you pour a layer of chocolate over let's say a silicone piece with a line pattern on it, the lines would appear on the chocolate after peeling it off, but no silicone would stay on the chocolate. This is basically what is happening with the foil but on much smaller scale. And yes, only one side of the paper has this texture so it does matter which side you pour the chocolate over. Also the texture is very fragile so going slow with it is very important if you were to touch that chocolate, it could slightly melt under your finger and get rid of the texture, thus destroying the holo.

  • this is popping up everywhere lol

  • Cristine : Quick check it's temperature make sure it doesn't have COVID !! Ben : **Disappointed but not surprised**

  • Yes I do in fact identify as a super simp

  • Intro: welcome to cooking with beyyyn 2 mins later : welcome to learning science with beyyyn and today we are going to learn about holographic paper 😁😂

  • You really not gonna give Ann Reardon from “How to cook that “ any credit? Gross


  • BaeYYyYyYyN is like my dad when hes cooking ribs-

  • This is me and my bf in the kitchen, but I'm the one who knows how to cook

  • I like that Ben was actually describing the science! Thanks Ben!

  • halo taco chocco

  • Please don’t forget that Anne Readon from “How to cook that” is the original creator who discovered this trick. Please check out her channel because this isn’t the first time people have stolen her ideas before

  • I had to melt choc to cover these oreo gingerbread balls I made for Christmas and it was not easy to get it right, I tried the double boiler and microwave and it still didn't come out right, it really has to be the perfect temp, but I knw from experience that it's very hard to get it right and the directions just said to melt choc in a bowl, as if it's that easy...Watching this, I now knw I cooked it too long, maybe I'll try it again! Lol

  • The way they melted the chocolate in brazil is super common and it’s called “Banho Maria”, that can be translated to “Marie Shower”, don’t ask me why it’s called this way, but anyway, that’s it.

  • Anyone Ells gasp like cristine when he showed the first chocolate result and got disappointed when he said it’s just the film 😂😭

  • Ben is a true Canadian 13:24

  • Idk if Ben will ever see this, but Ben: you could have saved the first batch of chocolate by adding more chocolate pieces to it! It's called the seeding method.

  • To cool the chocolat faster Ben could have added more solid chocolat to the melted one.

  • You can buy those from Amazon anne readon does a video on it shes a food scientist