Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

Published on Jan 9, 2021
Stay at home and paint your nails💅😷
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  • I paint my own press on for special occasions. I don't bite my nails, but I don't have time to take care of them and make sure they're growing healthy (I also don't want long nails all the time) All in all if you ever get a chance (even if you don't wear them) design a set, it's very fun

    • I'm also horrendous at doing nail art with my left hand

  • Cristine: "I haven't properly learnt to accessories yet" Also Cristine: *Proceeds to wear holo cat ears and earrings*

  • You haven't been uploading why?!

  • *sighs in I can’t grow my names because 4nxiety and guitar playing ;-;*

  • Who is watching in 2028 How is the pandemic please tell me 👁👅👁

  • I think simply would be so proud, it was actually this video that made me stop biting my nails. Now I grow them to about stilletto length before trimming

  • Good video 👍

  • Those second nails were simply SIMP-ing for holotaco

  • The fact that these predictions were true amazes me

  • Me: Picks at my nails Also me: decides to put nail polish on so I don't pick at them My dumbass self: Picks off the nail polish and then begins to pick at my nails again Me again: Gives up Me ONCE AGAIN: Hey I should get fake nails, then I won't be able to pick them, and they'll be too beautiful to pick off My parents: no Me: Gives up Also me: waits a week, and the whole process repeats :) I'm sorry for using the Me: thing too much

  • i think you should do updated with the current nail trends throughout the year like im posting this comment on July 16 like 7 months from when this video was posted so its like the halfway point and then one at the end of the year

  • its already July...

  • Ah the cat clock, so nostalgic

  • Christine: 0:25 Me: REALLY!!!!!!😮😵😲

  • the way they literally guessed right

  • "Simp for simply!" U guys whis gonna tell her 😂


  • It's been a long time since I was watching her, Now she has 7 million subscribers, she's so serious and depressing, plus fillers and botox! Sad!

  • Omg Instagram girl with white dog 😂 I know her! 😂

  • I taught myself how to do polygel nails and I'm actually quite good at it lmao but I still prefer to paint my natural, stubby nails. I'm pregnant right now, so I try to not do too much nail painting too often because I don't want to inhale the chemicals more than I have to, but yeah. I've been trying to gather the strength and energy to paint them for the past month and a half, but nausea got me like............. :( :( I have a stash of holotaco nail polish I'm dying to use, but I'm also dying of nausea and exhaustion lmao so I just watch Cristine do it lmfao

  • 17:09 why did this remind of a dress from princess and tiaras?

  • I'm surprised you didn't do "taco" in calligraphy lol

  • I love that she clearly has no idea what simp means.

  • Do you put taco on top of wet polish or wait for each layer to dry?

  • It’s been a while Christine I’m back

  • Cristine keeps saying "I happen to have this *name of a color* nail polish" like she doesn't own 2000+ of them and there obviously must be like a mint one

  • “just stop biting ur nails” girl u wouldn’t understand 😔

  • 4:06 Billie Eilish 💓💓💓

  • Her spelling out simp me huh

  • " *stop biting your nails- im talking to you-* " But- but- I get scared easily- that's what I do when I'm scared-

  • Christine: stop biting your nails! Me: *looks at my recently bitten nails* fuck

  • It's 2021 does cristine really still have to explain why her nails are yellow and she's not dying

  • “We got a simp for simply!” Ight who’s gonna tell her

  • Cristine: "Grow out your nails" Me, a violinist: "I cannot do that"

    • Im learning guitar and same 🙃

  • Cringe 100%

  • My nails r brittle af dont come for me for needing acrylic 🥺😭

  • Did she get her hilo mask? Just watching this

  • the retro trend is a hit in dubai rn istg

  • i try to grow out my nails lol but my nails are extremely fragile. ex: i was recording a video of my friend and my nail chipped i had on 6 layers of uv gel nail polish who did that happen

  • Girl, you got shameless with your self advertisement! Anyway, I still like you, can't help it! ;-)


  • cristine: this is your year grow out your nails you can do it me: but im lesbian i need short nails!!


  • The rambunctious motorboat aboaly scatter because sled aesthetically shop forenenst a colorful brown. ugly, splendid sidecar

  • the pink nails saying “simp” 😂

  • your skin looked so good in this video

  • Have you used spider gel and what do you think of it?

  • OMG I NEVER NOTICED THAT WE LITERALLY HAVE THE SAME EYES! the brown in the center and green on the outside

  • Of course the press ons won’t look as good. You’re literally using scotch tape to hold it on. Lmao 🤣

  • *simp for simply*

  • I always have a breaking and cracking problem with my nails which make it extremely hard for me to grow out my nails so I tend to go for press on nails for fancy events. I’ve been using cuticle oil and trying to properly file my nails for a while now but it doesn’t really help.

  • Bruh- I ain’t normal :/


  • Christine I love your Chanel I feel like you need to do more nail art but I still love your videos!!!😁

  • Grow your nails. Cries in MD.

  • the 2nd one is kiss nails with just writting on it

  • why does young cristine look like björk 🤪🤪🤪

  • the ppl with hand fetich bahahhahaha they wold love this

  • Oh heavens no, not the 70’s!!!

  • Simply are you a simp? PLease bo honest girl

  • Simp,yes definitely for simply

  • i just realized that cristine looks more like ariana grande than niki de martino lmaoooooo

  • Can you do an updated video on summer nail trends!!


  • finally someone who has the same mindset about the 60s and 70s aesthetic or wtv

  • ❤️

  • ok but she was a gorgeous child wha-

  • 8:29 I feel called out... but thanks for the incentive

  • She did NOT create a Mani to match the basic hospital mask...🤣🤣☠️ I'm done! Good night everyone!!!

  • So...... we're just not going to talk about how cute Zyler is as a background 😤😤??

  • The green polish with a halo taco looks like pistachio ice cream with sprinkleeeessss

  • 18:35 RIP my eyes ayeee

  • Nail glue actually does damage you're nails one day I was trying to rip them off because I had to work and they were way to long and it ripped a big chunk of my natural nail off

  • The rotten sneeze preclinically part because corn fourthly pump absent a hushed balloon. uptight, hysterical stone

  • I bought stick on nails a few years ago. They didn’t have glue, they had adhesive on the backs and let me tell you- they stayed on for almost a month. Taking them off wasn’t terrible either. Felt weird, but not damaging. If I wasn’t growing my nails out and having so much fun with my HT collection I’d buy them again in a heartbeat.

  • Okay but my nails will just break if I even look at them though. I don't bite them at all. This was just mean 😭😭😭 also I'm actually not really allowed to have long nails at work

  • Hi, Simply!! Just want to say thanks for helping me throughout my final yrs of my engineering undergrad!! I'm working now in a semicon company and want to regrow my nails again. 💖 (I just watch Cristine and do my nails over studying my finals 😀)

  • I don’t really like...get anxious about not being trendy, but if a trend inspires me I’ll try it!

  • I actually really like the 70s nails 😂

  • As long as it’s not ants crawling around inside my nails

  • Rewatching this video after her snap about a possible black holo. I hope that silver is going with it 😍

  • Eczema is a thing right now???!! I thought it was just me?!?! I have so much of it on my hands. Ugh. It's horrible. Too much sanitizer.

  • I went to Disneyland, during it's reopening, and I wore a Minnie Mouse shirt, a Minnie Mouse mask and so I had to have polka dot nails!

  • "Grow out your nails" what do I chew on then

  • Does nail polish help keep your nails from breaking if it's layered properly? I tend to break them at work and don't wear nail polish or keep my nails long because of it. I'd paint them and then buy ALL of your Holo Tacos if I could keep them in decent shape.

    • @ghosty4 eh I was thinking maybe it added enough thickness like the dip color. But thanks for the info.

    • You need to fortify your body (and vicariously, your nails) with vitamins. Drink more water, get more sleep. Nail polish chips, and painted nails still break. So, no, "properly layering" it won't do anything.

  • Christine: “r.I.p my eyes” Me: “AYYYY! “ TikTok has ruined me 😂

  • simp

  • The Kiss press on nails come with adhesive stripa

  • 3:20 , no we want it over now-

  • Geez..Ok, I'll stop biting my nails...

  • you make me so happy

  • Oh gosh, if only we knew what simp would mean in the future.... simply is a simp... I can't believe this

  • Confirmed Cristine is a simp for Ben

  • i wish that there was some way that as a fellow canadian (yukon territory shout out!!!!!!) we didn’t have to pay duty on a fellow canadian product.

  • I've lived in two places that both had that pistachio green tile in the bathroom.

  • why hasn’t someone given cristine a holo mask yet?? i even have one

  • Id love to grow mine out if my job wasn’t so demanding and I wasn’t born with nails that literally bend like paper 😭😭😅

  • She wrote simp on her nail

  • I never got interested on nails but when I watched her videos I got addicted to her TwT

  • When u read pro nail Artist people I was like ummm why are u not on there like WTF LOL