Teaching Streamers How to Paint Their Nails

Published on May 29, 2021
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Streamers who painted their nails:

Karl Jacobs





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  • 👁Simplystreamlogical👁 usdos.info/border/video/3XumjpWRydR6eKM

    • Simply logical plays Roblox

    • Can someone please recommend a good base and top coat, that is available in the UK, as Holo Taco doesn't deliver to UK.

    • No but good idea

    • U should do a reaction video on harry styles, he Isn't a streamer but he paints his nails a lot and I would love to see ur reaction on it, if not its okay, btw I love u and ur videos, I'm also a subscriber😊🤗

    • @Asher Is More Trasher yessss pls



  • YES

  • 3:20 for anyone not understanding it's not really abour alcohol being funny, sapnap is 20 years old and therefore is not legally allowed to drink alcohol in the us

  • Tacos🤤

  • The clapping with karl was so wholesome

  • I hate sykuno or whatever his name is

  • I'm pausing less than 1min in. Thank you for saying men/boys should paint their nails too. My 4yo likes to paint his nails but my husband (in his 40s) still has some old school views about gendered items and activities. The more I see boys painting their nails normalized, the happier I am as a mom who is trying to navigate those waters. THANK YOU!

  • This is the gayest thing I have ever seen 🤢

    • @luna alpirez it actually is how isnt it gae?

    • how is painting ur nails gay lmfao

  • OH btw did you know that on April 30th is Karl apreciation day and most of up paint our nails for it.

  • Karl 💕💕💕

  • punz my beloved


  • 5:38 And this is where every stoner and trans masc person realized how those things have impacted their perception of the phrase "tea break"

  • Karllll

  • idk abt yaal but as a long time fan of Cristine and the mcyt fandom, i am really happy.

  • this is sme great advice. i should probably follow it. If i ever get polish on my skin i always leave it and make sure to have a shower later in the day. i always find that by the end of the shower all the polish on my skin.

  • I choked on my chai and it got all over my phone and now my chest hurts while watching this

  • So glad for the Julen shoutout, it’s because of him that I found Cristine! Saw you in the chat on his Twitch nail stream this week and came to check out your videos. . . .possibly addicted, love how genuine you are gorl! May also be obsessed with Menchie too. 😻

  • 🎶wHeN wOrLdS cOlLiDe 🎶

  • as somebody who watched simply way before i started watching karl jacobs and corps this is just a dream come true ohmygod

  • Chronic nail biter, finally letting them grow and watching this while painting them for the very first time 🥲

  • Hello to you. Yes you the Karl fan

  • I’m a simple person. I see Karl. I click. I see Cristine. I click.

  • I love how she’s using game terminology in the nail tutorial

  • I think the number one thing about painting your nails that people don't consider is to go to the toilet first. Even if you don't feel like you need to. Id even go so far as to say have a snack

  • My nail hack is using dolar store nail polish and top it with a good glossy top coat to make them last at least a week.

  • Ngl, I legit started painting my nails again because Karl gave me the confidence. Turns out, I had like 15 bottles (and out of those 15, I only had to throw away once). You can tell I hadn't painted my nails in *years* because a bunch of them were cheap no-name brands that you give to kids. One of my favourite things on his alt streams is when he paints his nails because it means I can update mine! (Or get as close as I can if I don't have the same colours as him lol)

  • 11:25 Someone in the chat is saying TACO!!! (Sarahxtal)

  • I would love a video where Cristine is in a videochat with Karl and gives him tips while he paints his nail, or she could paint his nails for a video (when the pandemic is over)

  • His "friend" sapnap

  • So lets see what he's doing today "Today we're looking at tier list of fish" *quits*

  • How she said Sapnap killed me-

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  • she has not only summoned one fandom but two

  • My cuticle pusher is my other nail

  • You summoned a fandom

  • All I’ve gathered from this is that she might watch a lot of minecraft streamers

  • I was watching ur vid when my phone died so I borrowed my sister's phone.without asking her to watch this vid

  • I have come back after 5 months wat hav i missed

  • Discovered you because I watch Hasan. I painted my nails in black for some time when I was in highschool but then I stopped. Just bought nail polish last night (blue & purple) and decided to try and find your channel. Great content! Love it!

  • You don’t know that you just summoned a whole fandom

  • When two worlds collide :0

  • O H M Y G A W D THERE IS KARL, PUNZ, AND CORPSE YESSS also beautiful video 😌👌✨

  • I love when mom tries to speak in gen z

  • "do all streamers live with their moms?" damn she rly got them

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  • i havent seen this channel for ✨years✨ and in this time i got into streamers. like. a lot. i saw this video snd i was so exited thst one of my past favourite youtubers was legit talking about streamers and some mcyt streamers. i love her.

  • I’m sorta curious of how similar or different the ratio of men to women who watched this video is from the rest of your content

  • Of course theyd pick black nails lol so cringe

  • OMG KARL MY BELOVED! But on a serious note, I just bought the summer collection! I LOVE it!

  • I love how she doesn’t know what dono means 😭👍

  • I came back because of Hasan

  • Yes, though Sykkuno is one of the few people who have actually seen Corpse in person

  • Excuse you, Cristine! I saw that clean up brush! I needs it, when is it droppingggggg? 😫

  • I just watched her help Hasan out in his stream and I learned about the liquid latex. I was like WTF I need that!!!! I went to Amazon and ordered some while still watching the stream. XD I'm so bad at getting tidy corners and always mess up at least 1 or 2 nails so I rarely do my nails. I have a feeling this liquid latex will change my nail game forever!

    • Liquid latex really is a game changer in the nail polish and nail art world. It's a life saver for me whenever I dab on glitter or do ombre nails. I just feel bad for people with latex allergies who obviously can't use it

  • Well I guess we are all here now😃

  • Christine, you actually are too young to be Karl's mom. Actually, depends on what you think is too young

  • This video is literally my two favourite USdosr (simply and Karl) unofficially collabing


  • My to fandoms Karl Jacobs and nails

  • bro i watched you 3 years ago and i came back and now im having flashbacks😳


  • I see Karl,I click

  • i feel like im watching my mom make videos

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  • 9:57 Sykkuno is older than Hasan 😂


  • Lets watch someone closer to my age? Sykkuno is actually older then Hasan, sykkuno is 30 and hasan 29

  • His “friend” samsung refrigerator’s nails

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  • @karljacobs

    • Im so damn poggers i see my son saying it alot i hope i used it correct

  • “Fingernails are boring, why not paint them? So anyways, nails have no gender and I’m all for seeing more men painting their nails.” I loved that. I mean, Johnny Depp in the perfume commercial with his black nails? Sexy as hell!😍 But you’re so right though!

  • That matte taco was a shock


  • I... I wonder if she knows that Sykkuno is 30...

  • simplysummoningwaytomanyfandoms

  • A dono is a donation and a 10 bomb means that someone donated 10 subs

  • If you watch mr.beast you will know who’s carl😗

  • I literally have been watching you for almost 7 years and I still don’t know how to paint my nails properly🥱✌️


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  • Btw sykunno knows what corpse looks like often close friends of a faceless streamers know what they look like

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  • I never paint both hands in one day, I do my left hand one day and my right hand the day after. I just never have the energy, time or focus anymore to paint them both in one session 😆 Is it just me? 👀

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