Reacting to Video Compilations of Me

Published on Jul 11, 2020
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Issa Blanco: simplynailogical is a princess:simplynailogical edit

joZ: cristine and ben being a cute couple for 3 minutes

Sarah Denker: Simplynailogical speaking French (compilation)

PhotoshopSurgeon: Is Simply SIMPLY NAILOGICAL Perfect?

Scooter Cane: Beauty School Dropout-Simply Nailogical Version

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  • If nobody has explained this yet the "perfect face" was designed a while ago and there r people that test it to see how people look with the ideal "perfect face". It's not really to mock anyone or make people feel bad I honestly see it as funny

  • Omg do French tip nails in bad french

  • It's late. I've been binging simply too much. I feel like I'm losing my mind 🥸

  • 11:14 she reminds me of jessie Vee????

  • ******* this is the internet **********

  • Lovely

  • Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary! Congratulations!!!

  • Please help I accidentally clicked on a toom toom video☠️

  • the photoshopped you doesn't even look like you yikes

  • These are the best!

  • the first video was hilarious

  • I keep watching this video over and over again just to hear them laugh

  • Wait- Ben looks like coralines dad but with a shorter chin

  • i know you guys don't think you're a good role model couple, but there are some VERY toxic couples on USdos, so you're doing better than you think...

  • please do peaking french for 24 hours video and add subtitles for it plsss

  • i just went to your podcast from here and spent like 2 hours there now im back :))

  • Video idea: bloopers with Jen and Ben

  • Is there something I can use on my nails to keep from biting them?

  • Can ben just propose already? Whos with me???

  • Can Menchie and I be friends? 🐶🤝🐱

  • If it comes really a movie XD i will watch this 😀

  • you should translate nail art instructions 10-20 times on google translate (to french, then spanish then Italian etc) and then at the end, how it ends up you have to follow it as it tells you too.

  • | 4:17 | i love the sweet music in the background of the clip 😭

  • To make a French video funny you can bring people that don’t speck French on and get them to guess what they’re saying

  • Wow these were great

  • The social commentary in "Photoshop Surgeon" isn't pointed out. They trust that people will come to the conclusion by watching several of their videos, that people start to look the same and it's kind of boring. Erasing their individuality. And also demonstrating and reminding us all, how manipulated images nowadays are and that rarely people look like that.

  • The glee cover tho 😅😅

  • I speak French and Inglish

  • Cristine:No one likes their parents as a couple People with divorced parents: Guess im no one * hello darkness my old friend * 😕


  • My answer to Ben at ~ 8.00.. Well the thing is, the relationship between you is a good example of a relationship in general. What I mean by that, is well you do make fun of each other, but you have cute moments too, you help each other when one of you is sick, you do all this stuff for each other too like bringing tea for Cristine or doing something special as a thanks for Ben. You show to young people how a relationship should look. Like it doesn't have to be exactly like that, but something close enough. That's what I call a healthy relationship. I'm glad you set this example for the younger audience, even if it's not intentional. That's why I want to thank you

  • Cristine is genuinely the prettiest woman I've ever seen ;-;

  • It was released on my birthday last year aaaaah omg

  • Did anyone else notice that in this video Cristine did not have a watermark??

  • I'm just happy that someone else my age realizes they are too old for tik tok

  • i just realized this video doesn't have a watermark

  • I would watch a French video if there were subtitles! It's satisfying to listen to another language

  • A love from india tamilnadu

  • I kinda wanna see a house tour.........

  • Am I the only one who thinks you can totally do the role of MCgonagal you look so similar

  • Ugh I HATE the photoshop surgeon. It’s nauseating how they pinpoint and alter every human “flaw” to make a fake unattainable version of real people. I’ve even seen them take a Greek statue and “perfect” it by making it skinnier. Just gross.

  • So what I can get from that horror trailer, is a a woman’s descent into madness drives her husband to kill her, then she comes back as a ghost/zombie/whatever to get revenge.

  • Hahahha now she is on tiktok

  • its crazy how im watching this again in 2021 and @simplynailogical reminds me so much of my mother when she speaks french its kinda heart breaking

  • "I dunno if we've put out a lot of cute couple stuff" - Ben You don't need to. You two are so freaking cute just in the way you interact with each other. I really do think that you guys are an exemplary couple because of your values and your willingness to work through problems together. In fact, I personally look up to you guys. I aspire to be as humble and kind as you and I wish the rest of the world shared your values. (Honestly, if they did then the world would be a much better place)

  • 8:09 I- so I guess fighting at least twice a week (used to be every day so I’m happy :>) is called an exemplar relationship. Understood


  • 11:35 yeah it's not just woman too, they've done this to guys too.. I remember when Shane Dawson saw that they made one of him and watched it but looked upset because it is triggering to someone with mental health showing "Oh! This is what pretty actually is"

  • The orange puppy😍

  • Nikki Tutorials did a video in Dutch, so you doing one in French would work.

  • 9:00 French tips nails in French “that’s only funny for like 2 seconds” (procedes to make that video)

  • The fact that Maroon 5 actually copyright claimed this video is absolutely hilarious to me

  • This is why im subscribed

  • I love how offended Ben is on Kristine’s behalf for the photoshop

  • 9:19 lemme give you a hint ben, it's not the french we're attracted to, it's the cutie speaking it

  • 8:16 I feel like that's the point. Like your relationship feels real. It's just two people who love eachother and not making a show of it so when it is shown you know it's real. You guys are jokey and pick on eachother, but you love eachother, and I think everyone can pick up on that

  • I think the photoshop channel is really interesting, actually. It shows how all of these gorgeous celebrities who we see as the "ideal" aren't real. There is no "perfect" face. None of these super attractive people are "perfect" because there is no such thing. It's not realistic to strive to look perfect because nobody is. Everybody has flaws, we all criticises ourselves over these little minuscule things that nobody else notices. There is no copy-paste perfect person. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. You take Zac Effron, Beyonce, Zendaya, Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, Scarlet Johanson, Yaya DaCosta, Bae Suzy, Tom Holland, etc...... all of those people are gorgeous, but they all look different. Watch the video with the top 100 most handsome/beautiful people, and you'll see a variety of different people who are stunning. None of them fit that mold that the photoshop channel uses, but there is no denying those people are beautiful. Beauty does not equal perfect. Idk if that's what the photoshop surgeon was going for, but that's what I take from it.

  • Ethans phone voice: **Exists** Cristine in French: "Finally, a worthy opponent."

  • If you make a video in French, just subtitle the whole thing. That way people won't miss out on anything you're saying, so it's still funny and entertaining. Problem solved!

  • Bonjur

  • When ever you f%*k up just say wee wee

  • I like beeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnsss hair today

  • Video idea: You do your nails in french but instead of just speaking you put it through google translate and say what the translation is

  • You have a mature relationship that’s what we like 🥰

  • In the Photoshopped Christine face, she looks like a sim.

  • I've only ever met one set of parents that are still together. They're my boyfriends

  • She's just wiping her eyes

  • You look like fredbanger girl

  • 8:07 my parents are divorced

  • 8:12 nope not even my parents think they were good as a couple 🥰🥰

  • You could do a tutorial in French and then have Jen/Ben do bad translations of it.

  • Low key wanna see the simply horror movie

  • 8:05 yes my divorced parents ✋😂

  • 8:15 that’s the reason i love them as a couple. they don’t rub it in our faces and they just seem so comfortable with each other. i really do think they’re couple goals.

  • I think that when they have Kids (if they do) they should do a channel for the kid or more , like if its a boy it's called prince nailogical or princess nailogical if its a girl

  • 8:05... umm my parents are divorced, so you're definetly the better example

  • I saw a guy yesterday that looked EXACTLY like Ben, like beard, glasses shape EVERYTHING. Except he was Indian

  • Oml the horror movie was perfect

  • "Put in dimples?☺ No, smooth out my wrinkles..okay" Lmao the dissapointment 😂

  • Must admit. Loving the podcast.

  • Christine: No one likes their parents as a couple! Me: *asked for nothing but my parents wedding video for my 18th bday*

  • Did anyone end up claiming this? I'm so curious to know who it was.

  • Video idea going along with French you should watch a nail tutorial but the video is French and you can only listen to the audio

  • Cristine should make a movie and the horror movie that she reacted to should be the trailer

  • With the photoshop one the after scares me

  • 9:46 i think thats the point of anime:(

  • Princess nail logic that was cool.

  • Video: Cristine is not perfect Beyan: I hate you and your entire channel

  • This is funny

  • You could put captions but they say the wrong thing

  • Cristine and Ben :maybe there parents me: nope mine are divorced

  • I love youuuu but use another foundation where is tati ???

  • Cristine you look orange !!!!!

  • Je peux aussi parler le francais, car je suis Canadian aussi!!! Ananas

  • Lmaooo "no one likes their parents as a couple"

  • IT PAINS ME THAT I AM ORANGE!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • why does photoshoped Cristine looks like Nikkietutorials

  • “No one likes their parents as a couple” Me with divorced parents: “spitting straight facts”

  • We got a gaper!!! @simplynailogical 🖤💀😆

  • Ben blink twice if you need help