Reacting To My Old Pride Nail Art Video (and Recreating It)

Published on Jun 27, 2020
I don't even go here🤡🇺🇸
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  • I’m gay, polyamorous, trans, panromantic, and last but not least, holosexual 😼

  • My dog is actually gay and my neighbor and i are okay with that! He goes to the neighbor dog, they play around and even though there is a girl dog.. he chooses to mate with a boy dog... UNNATURAL, HE IS SICK, I'M A BAD PARENT! But he is happy and that makes me happy.


  • I'm so glad you have come to admit your mistakes and take on such a controversial topic with only maturity.

  • As a lgbtq+ person I can personally say that I adore that video and found none of it offensive. Also I agree, let’s use weird humour to make the homophobes uncomfortable 😈

  • im really glad that you grew because years ago when you would say stuff as being a "holosexual" i knew you didnt mean anything bad but it did get on my nerves. Im very glad that you have grown. as a lesbian this really helps my confidants knowing that a youtuber i like supports me.

  • Can we all just agree that LGBTQ+ shouldn't be considered a political issue or even anything political at all? And can we all agree that it should be considered a human right? ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈

  • I’m sorry but putting the American flag on Pride flags is really messed up and you may not know what kind of homophobic obviously you’re not but it’s not some thing we like to see

  • SimplyBisexual? 👀

  • hey cris, i just want to say that as a bisexual, ive always found your holosexual jokes funny, as i know its not you being a jerk. if anything, i feel more comfortable in this community because of it. thank you for always being here for everyone. youre the best!

  • probably the majority of those who are offended by your jokes about legbt rights and sexuality are probably white straight cis people.

  • Like i think this amazing girl is the most supportive person on this entire internet and planet ! She’s so nice and kind and caring and thinks of everyone! She would be the easiest person to tell anything to . U go girl !

  • As a Non-Binary Lesbian, I got so fucking happy when I saw this video

  • Ngl that nail polish at the start looks delicious

  • I just recently came out as a Demi Omnisexual, both my mom and friend said that they don’t really think I’m Omni (They kinda saw why I was Demisexual) and I haven’t yet said my gender identity ( DemiGirl ). They said that I’m only saying it because I’m surrounded by LGBTQ+ kids at school and that it was rubbing off on me. But they did say no matter what I come out as they would support me! I know my sexual and gender identity but I’m now questioning what they said is right, any advice?

  • 9:58 yah, I have, and trust me when I say don’t look for them. You don’t need to, just go to a Pride festival or come out to your family… my brother is extremely homophobic. “If I am homophobic I will wear it like a badge” quoted from him on June 9th 2021. Yah… that was a hard day…


  • I cant tell my dad I'm bi because he's homophobic and I'm afraid that if I tell my mom she'll tell my dad and he'll never want to see me again...

  • I love when you don’t have to question if a youtuber is an ally and they make it clear more reasons why I love your channel

  • 2020❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

  • 😳Ooo 2015 Simply is SASSY 😼

  • 👋 i love you 😍

  • i’m watching this on the 4th of july🐒

  • This is the most genuine apology ever!! No wonder U r my Favourite USdosr !! Love u Cristine

  • As a Pansexual i dont think her comments were offensive ngl they were pretty funny 🤣 Im also a holosexual soOO-

  • The 1.5k dislikes are all the Karen's hating on peeps

  • When freehand painting it might help if you use a brush with short bristles.

  • My parents are very homophobic and I live in Texan very white conservative home. I am straight and plan to stay straight, but I have accepted the LGBTQ+ community for a long time and thank Cristine for showing her support as well. It is not easy to keep believing in the LGBTQ+ community when all around you are people hating on it, so this really helps 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🤍

  • *Me halfway in the video* “WHERES THE F*kin NAIL ART?!?”

  • UMMM I Clicked On This The EXACT DAY It Turn One Year I'm Kinda Scared-

  • 2020 cus holo

  • I love how Christine talks about her mistakes instead of not talking about them and brushing them off like they don’t matter. There’s a lot of youtubers who don’t do that, and that’s really admirable. And to the homophobes, love is freaking love get over it.

  • Why do I love this hahahahahahahahahahahaaha oh my good

  • The fact that I came out to my friend on New Year's Day is just like: "new year, I'm gay"

  • I remember seeing your power outage q&a and you said "What made you guys think I was bi" The first video is the reason lol

  • Simply aggressive

  • Ok but what if you are an American republican and you approve of trump and also loved another woman

  • Christine when watching the video: *john mulaney* We DoNt HaVe TiMe To UnPaCk AlL oF tHaT

  • Cristine pls! I can’t find just a clear glossy taco 🌮 on your website 😩😩 I had to buy one from the shop 🤭 tell me where to find it pls!

  • Ayo 10% gang were you at?

  • As a gay person, thank you. You're addressing and growth of the past things you said and did actually made me very happy and proud to support you. Although I wasn't offended by those jokes I thank you for the apology and accept it. You have growth and maturity which so many lack. So many people try and do a quick "sorry" without actually showing change, but you didn't.

  • as an lgbtq member it makes my heart like explode and i love her so so so much

  • Thank you Cristine for making this video, for showing your support for our community, AND for taking responsibility for the past. That is something a lot of people in this world need to learn to do, but this video means a lot to me. Thank you for this 💟:)

  • I’m actually glad she made this video cause I’ve always been insecure about my sexual orientation (I’m pansexual) and now I know that there are many people that support me and others

  • I don't mind other people being bisexual but I am not and I never will be

  • Im glad you support lgbtq+ because it can be very hard to live with people telling you to die or that you are not valid just because of who you like its hard to know were you can be yourself I still see people that are anti gay and I cant believe that people still think like that even my brother is homophobic but he is less then most he is also transphobic but others have it worse thank you for the support

  • I just felt like saying*shifts uncomftorably* SI K E i wanted to say that my MS choir room has a ton of rainbow stuff, and a few of my bi choir friends were together in the room, my one friend put her finger on her chin like a checkmark, and said, this room kinda gay tho..LMAO

  • lowkey is rlly disgusting that only 6 years ago the us legalized same sec marriage like is it that hard for two people to get married without sticking your nose in their business?

  • im bisexual and never found the holo sexual jokes offensive but i can see why other people did find it that way anyways i love her growth so much

  • you should have stamped some stars on, would have been much easier than trying to draw them on

  • as a Gay, i love how you are XD keep it up lol (going be alot of as "as a gay/lesb" comments lol)

  • 2020

  • To quote a lovely drag queen: If you're not embarrassed by what you did a year ago you're not growing.

  • Can you redo all your old nail art with Holo taco????

  • Can you do rainbow cremes but same shades as cyan-tific? It's my fave color you have ... For now

  • I'm glad you're cringing as much as me that I used to love the anger.... Low key still do lmao

  • 2020 simply. Only because of the colors. The old yellow color was pee....

  • As a Christian, I feel like even if we don't like the idea, don't hate on the people and we should just mind our own business

  • are we gonna ignore her old voice lmao-

  • Simplyyyyy it’s pride month 2021!!!!!!!!!!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • There in no way this was posted 11 months ago...............

  • i love her so much

  • 9.05 : hmmm or maybe they being part of lgbt community too :)

  • So I support the lgbtq a lot I have friends and my sister is apart of it and I am too mom dent like gay men but is fine with gay women witch I really don't understand I think you should love who you want and fuck anyone who says otherwise

  • Are you okay Cristine? You look a little red.

  • For awhile I didn't think you were supportive in stuff like this bur it is a very nice surprise. Happy pride month!

  • I'm watching this on pride mothe love this 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈❤🤧😇😅

  • Um.... Why... Does she have two different cups that she is drinking from in this video? She has her cold water bottle and a mug... Lol I am confused

    • She drinks water from the holo tumbler and drinks tea from the mug lol

  • Why am I only just finding out she’s Canadian??!!😂

  • It’s pride month so I had to watch this again lol. 🏳️‍🌈

  • I am American (no I'm not offended) I have some cousins that are gay, so my family doesn't really care we don't care if your gay, straight or holosexual, we only care if you're a nice person!


  • I am holosexual

  • we stan coming from a les

  • THE OLD ONE IS ON MY BDAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m bi yay

  • I’m pansexual, polyamorous, pagan, and a weeb, what else can be wrong with me?

    • Being a Nonbinary, bisexual, atheist 💗💜💙


  • this has nothing to do with anything, but after 16 days your nails grew like a millimeter. I got my nails done 9 days ago and they already have grown three times as much as yours in 16 days, but they're still as short at the tips as to when I started. HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR NAILS SO THICK AND LONG MINE BEND LIKE PAPER AWH MA GAWD

  • Me being a trans gay male this makes me happy.🏳️‍🌈

  • I just like to say something real quick the gays and America do not get along

  • Ngl but people gotta learn to not take offense to the simplist things. Kinda ironic how they say " it's your life do what you want" but then they get mad for something so simple someone else living their life. Im sorry but if you take offense in Cristine saying she's coming out as a homosexual you need to re think your life choices. How much of a narcissistic do you have to be to tell someone your offended by something so simple, thinking that the world revolves around you. Im sorry but it doesn't, learn to live your life

    • @Ender Girl Also trans women participating in women's sports is not an unfair advantage. If you did any research you'd know that.

    • @Ender Girl good on you for your opinion, but because you personally dont care, respect people who do and are offended.

    • @Chip Fox First of all as a lesbian I don't give a shit. I hate it when people treat the LGBTQ community as sensitive fucks. "Oh don't say this, oh don't do this." I know it can be hard coming out I know first hand but stuff like attack helicopter are funny, when I was younger I always joked about it not everything is to be taken seriously. It would be a problem when people said oh I'm gay or bi as a joke but no people are using other references to make it funny not actively mocking the LQBTQ. Cristine sayings holosexual is in no way shape or offensive. There is no data, proof or evidence of Cristine saying shes holosexual has done something. And if it does, dont expect everyone to stop what their doing to ask you if your offended, grow up. About the sports if a male ->girl wants to participate in a girl sport that would be a unfair advantage. Men by nature are more athletic than women, that's why there are boys soccer girls soccer etc. It doesnt matter what you think you are but biologically it would be a unfair advantage. I find it similar to the cancel culture, like Dr Seuss and his comics or mothers day wanting to call it happy Guardians, Birthing People day like wtf. I get why Cristine did it cause there are people who genuinely get offended and just people who like to troll. Plus the cancel culture targeting everyone who dare breaths. But people need to calm tf down. Sheesh

    • 1.) She said "Holosexual" not homosexual 2.) It's not a simple thing, cis-hets have made fun of lgbtq+ individuals for YEARS saying shit like "I identity as an attack helicopter" or "Im coming out as a gunsexual, I only date guns" actively mocking lgbtq+ hardships of coming out and being their true selves. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for bad behavior and thankfully Christine has corrected herself and acknowledged her past words were wrong and has apologised for them. I also have very high doubts she would make the same mistake in the future as she seems very genuine. Maybe once LGBTQIA+ Individuals are treated as EQUALS and not less than then we won't need to speak out against any bigotry anymore as it won't exist but we're FAR from that point. For example Trans Individuals are STILL loosing the right to participate in sports on teams that align with their gender identity SOLELY because of a bunch of transphobes getting their panties in a bunch despite trans Individuals having ZERO advantage in sports and are actually considered to be at a DISADVANTAGE.

  • I love that you support the lgbtq+ I am a lesbian and this makes me fell safe and nice ty. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • I wonder where I show up in people's video/audience stats, Im pretty sure Google let me put my gender as nonbinary 🤔 but maybe that didn't apply to my USdos account statistics 😅

  • How many non binary follow u?

  • i love how no matter how far i scroll i dont see any homophobes.

  • Gen z shall control z the pain

  • Excuse me, Jesus love us whatever our sexualty 😭🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Don’t worry about straight lines, we won’t , we aren’t straight ✨either✨🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. 💖💜💙 💖💜💙

  • 0:22 I HAVE THAT SAME MUG 🤩🤣

  • Ok but seeing Cristine jamming to her own intro is gold

  • as a gender non-conforming lesbian who is a long-time subscriber, it means the absolute world how big of an ally Cristine is of the lgbtq+ community. I've watched this video so many times by now that I lost count, it just warms my heart how accepting she is and how free she expresses her beliefs and morals. just makes me like her sooooooo much more and appreciate her as a person

  • If you ever decide to create these nails again, Amazon sells tiny holo stars. 😊 I know this because I buy all of my nail stuff from there, just search "holographic star glitter" and you'll see many different kinds . They're awesome! 💿💿

  • I'm gay

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • when i saw this for the first time i hadn't yet cracked my egg, and since i figured things out and accepted that i'm trans and ace/pan, this makes me want to wipe off the black nails to try this with my own pride flags :) also menchie deserves all the pats and i love her

  • Disclaimer this is not hate and sorry if I offended you . Ok so I love how she said that there are rights for lgtbq+ community but what is sad is that in many states of USA they passed a law that you can kill a lgtbq+ person because it was self defense or they were so scared of their identity I am so sad we live in a world with people like this. (Btw I am not part of the community I support ok) it like the Holocaust all over again kinda and that is why we read history so stuff like this doean’t happen but what do most of us learn about that nothing.

  • I never found the term holosexual offensive as i could see it was a joke but thank you for apologizing for the coming out thing it is hard and im glad you acknowledge that

  • Im lesbian and my mom always mocks me and disregards it like shes not trying to see that part of me which is hard because gayness is literally what i am but thanks so much for this video i will surely be moving to canada now

  • I am L☺😊😀😁😃😄😆😉