Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)

Published on Oct 17, 2020
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...this video also included every single other nail polish we've ever made at Holo Taco but I'll spare myself the typing😂

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  • I think it should be called ,, scattered galaxy holo”

  • And..nine months (2021) later she releases the Remix Collection.

  • Wonder if she tried making 'Simply Extra' for the Remix collection.

  • simply we're 3 days apart! 14TH OCT 2006 and You're 17TH OCT 1988 YEEHHEEEEE

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    • Idk but i kinda prefer the muted multichrome mix here than the way back chrome 😅

  • "I actually wanna make a shade like this now" Christine just casually foreshadowing to the second anniversary release

  • OK.... since the launch happened for the REMIX collection, I revisited this video :) That eggplant purple was truly speaking to Cristine XD I am still sad, that I couldn't get the got cake polish, that is the only one i am missing.... T.T GJ for the HT team and GJ for Cristine for everything holo taco does, it upped my nailpainting game much :D PS: pretty please, make an other batch out of Got Cake? Thats literally the only thing I dont have from HT XD Even in a regular black box, i dont mind :P Thx Christine for literally just existing and making these pretty polishes, and thanks for making me each launch shouting shup up and take my money :)

  • Simply did say she starts her nail polish projects months in advance. 👀

  • POV: you’re here after the remix release

  • I see some colors that look mighty familiar 👀

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  • “Holo-vit at once”

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  • This is gonna be the anniversary colour! 😏 #2021

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  • 9 months later and cristine has that black color in her electric holo collection

  • You should do this again since you have more nail polish


  • watching this to see what we could be expecting for the new 2nd anniversary release 👀👀👀

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  • The name of the holo taco,should be Simply mixing

  • Who else is watching this in anticipation of the 2nd anniversary collection?

  • Who's here after the newest Holo Taco tweet? 👀

  • Simp,y Taco

  • I really like the mix of all the toppers and would buy that!

  • That "hey Christian it only took 4 shades to make this grey" killed me... 😂😂

  • Got cake certainly was a great polish in its time 🎂

  • hi, I think the color should be named combo toco

  • Allholo??

  • Maybe “Midnight sky” for the name. Also we have the same birthday!

  • So who's here before the second anniversary dropped to remind yourself what the mix looks like?

  • I think it should be called holo party or simply hexrta.

  • I think the shade should be called holo purple

  • I think the shade should be “Sanctuary dust” or “ midnight holo” UwU✨✌🏻🖤💓

  • Did any one else here a tv shiver thing?

  • look Amazing and beautiful🤩🤩

  • im really late but the name could be "A bit of everything" or "all-flavoured cake"

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  • Cristine is a ✨32 year-old lady✨ Like if you get the reference.

  • I know I'm late but " Everything Bagel"

  • She reminds me of Doc Oc from into the Spider-verse

  • I think you should name it every holo

  • I think it should be the Franken taco

  • You should call it “remix”💿🌮

  • It's the color of my soul. Holo and dark.

  • It can be named as 'Halloween party'

  • You could also put it on a kitchen scale and pour one gram (or however much you want) of each polish

  • I think it should be called,IT IS THE HOLLO TOCO!!!!!

  • It kind of looks like a galaxy. She could name it simply galaxy. Or even moon dust

  • Please tell me you're releasing these mixed shades, they're stunning

  • You should call it galaxy girl

  • It should be “witchcraft”

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  • The Allo Taco

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  • I’m late to the party but this reminds me of the milky way, and should 100% be a limited edition release.

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  • It could be called simply everything

  • Simply spooky I think that should be the color name

  • I have the same birthday as Christine

  • She is 32!!!!!!! I thought she was at least 24

  • Mixing all the fake holo you have together too see how bullshit it turns out. Just a mix of pure evil and deception.

  • I think it should be simply Halas because guess what you love Harlow

  • Night Sky

  • I know I'm late to the party, but you should call it "Taco Supreme"

  • 5:12 haha nice

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  • I think it should be simply taco

  • Name it simply everything

  • "Galaxies Edge"

  • Know I am really late (and have not yet read the comments to see if this has been said)…..All-O Taco. Or All-O Holo.

  • Wen she said ok lets fined out. ,You tube, ok lets give her a add

  • you should do this again but use the end results like an acrylic paint pour for art

  • i think it should be called linear party

  • Id love to see every colour from each line being mixed. for instance, mix all 7 pastel rainbows together. all your holo's, or everything in your unicorn dream line.

  • We need a 2021 update on this!!

  • 3:34 and that's how people duct tape grey was born 😂😂

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  • Safiya needs to do a video where she chooses her favorite nail polishes from you and mixes them and then you would have to make it an actual color for all of us to be happy.

  • Name it holo mese

  • Holo taco remix

  • 9:38 to 9:43 her knowing that and me not even knowing how to tie my own shoe laces 😂

  • #1 metal #2 its my party #3 majestic #4 twilight #5 The twins Final result: grape slush

  • I boosted it her and beyn 500,000,000 times Hope this helps✊🏻❤✊🏻