Mixing All My Overnight Oats + MY OWN Flavour!!

Published on Feb 6, 2021
Breakfast is the best part of your USdos recommended feed🥣 TASTE MY MINT CHOC CHIP COOKIE OATS🌱🍫: bit.ly/SimplyMintOats
Free Limited Edition Simply Nailogical x Oats Overnight mint-coloured BlenderBottle with your order of Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie oats (one bottle per order per customer) *while supplies last, limited quantities*

***UPDATE: the Simply mint-coloured oats shaker cup sold out overnight😱 how poetic👁🥣👁 the minty oats are still available though! Orders will now come with the standard Oats Overnight BlenderBottle cup***

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🌱🍫Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Oats🌱🍫
💪 22g protein
😎 Gluten free
🤠 Non-GMO
🌱Made with real mint
📦 Available in 8, 16, or 24 packs
🥛Just add milk! (any milk works - dairy, almond, coconut, oat milk, etc!)
🌚 Let sit overnight and enjoy in the AM

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Disclaimer: This video was made as part of a partnership with Oats Overnight. I have a financial interest in the sale of my oats flavour! All opinions are my own. Some links above are affiliate links.


  • "Why spend 9mos making a baby when you can make oats overnight?" -Cristine, SimplyNailogical 2021 Oats Overnight stock: 📈 World's population: 📉

    • I mean I wouldn't mind if the population went down a little. Earth is so over populated...

    • S T O N K S

    • Great

    • @• Alexandra • I think you should leave it, just in case someone else doesn't understand. Haha

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  • I can’t tell if she meant ph-oat-oshoot or not

  • I’m dying with all these oat puns 😂😂

  • I can't get them orded to my country -England

  • I’ve lost all respect for her she likes mint in good cristine is unelite now (cries)

  • Ben sliding in is the cutest thing ever 🥺

  • ben is so confident on camera now 🥺 they grow up so fast

  • I wish Cristine would still do a video of the recipe of the mint chip cookie oats because the brand doesn't ship to my country :( I don't mind many ingredients though

  • Ben sliding into frame killed me holy shit

  • 37$ USD..... 😔😔😔

  • please Cristine can you plz share your mint chocolate chip cookies and cream homemade overnight oats plz I can't find a recipe

  • Can I make it like regular oatmeal

  • it would be great for the packaging to be eco friendly :’)

  • i hate that i’ve just decided to go keto. oats are not keto. but i want.

  • Cristine: “You thought I would say nail polish, but It’s something you can eat” You ate nail polish for views

  • I want oats overnight but I can't get them ones heeerrrer 🥺🥺

  • I really hope you were doing all this in the kitchen alone at the beginning becuase the thought of you being weird like that just makes it even funnier 😂😂

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Beyyyn: Does a fancy entrance

  • what is the brand?

  • a superior habit to soak them for atleast 8hrs, but you really need to use boiling drinking water. Let the brew cool to room temp, then put that in the fridge (so your other food doesn’t warm & spoil). I use Plain Oats for this, & add a small amount of milk & a pinch of salt to each serving: Conserves milk + soaking Oats in boiled water completely dissolves the bitter phytates, takes about 6-8hrs, which is about as long as it takes to completely cool from boiling in a pot. The flavor is also enhanced, compared to Stove Top oats which can actually cause gas, probably why people resort to those Tooth Melting Chewy Bars. Soaked Oats can be consumed on the daily, too bad that Brand unLoads Sugar into the mixture but the idea should catch on. It’s impossible to get fat having Soaked Oats for breakfast/snack/Addiction

  • and next up will be cristines custom flavour of David's tea

  • I was laughing like nuts we really haven't seen a tv video Commercial like that so pretty And nicely influencial in decades

  • Simply: Why spend 9 months making a baby when you can can make oat Me: I don’t know simply

  • 8:51 this is my idea of fun. seriously, im a nerd

  • The equal soil normally suck because permission cytochemically water about a amuck dressing. dizzy, handy day

  • petition to start referring to beyyyns entrances as "bentrances" - (credit) Suzie Myles COPY THIS and spam

  • oatstanding video! I would totes eat oats now

  • Franken Oats


  • Do I have a severe chia allergy? Yes. Did I still buy this? Also yes. Am I planning on eating all of these? Once again, yes. Will I be ok? No. But it’s fine.

  • And here is me, eating oats(regular ones with water instead of milk) with soy sause and garlic

  • If you havn't already done this: Could you make a vid of creating custom tea blends?

  • The amount of oat puns in this is OATStronomical.

  • the intro..... i agree

  • Her hair is so lonf

  • I wish I could justify the price after converting from USD to CAD. 😢

  • I feel like the packaging of this is wasteful for a single serving of oats

  • I was watching this while studying and Cristine's puns made me write 'oatjective' instead of 'objective'-

  • Just ordered the mint chip oats and the party pack! Im so excited to try them!💞

  • cant wait until ships to europe

  • I come from may (3 months later) Btw Cristine I'm 13 and I've been watching your channel since I've been 10

  • They don’t ship to Germany🥲

  • I’m

  • In malay oats we put dark milk n put hot or cold water but the dark milk is gooi

  • do a pineapple mango oat

  • Oats Overnight doesnt ship outside of US 😔

  • I'm getting ads for oats now!!!

  • Ben is a mood 14:05

  • who actually does the oat dance when they eat oats.

  • Literally ordered some this morning since I messed up my jaw and broke my blender lol. Better late than never eh Cristine? Other than mint chocolate whats everyone's favorite flavors?

  • when you cant decide which one to choose

  • Video:15 Minutes Class: In 8 Minutes Me: 2x Speed Cristine is what is I will be watching.

  • Alternative title: Christine making oat puns for 15 minutes


  • Ok why is no one talking about how pretty her hair is??

  • That tag line really got me hooked

  • I don’t like oats but I will always watch Christine

  • Beyyns entrance was adorable. Holo. Love it.

  • It’s really nice seeing Christine so happy and enthusiastic about something.

  • i tried using the code “simply” and it worked 😂😂

  • Khristine the science Queen

  • Makes me wish I wasn’t allergic to mint lmao.

  • Make Oats, not love

  • I love bens painted nails

  • I don’t like Oreo and I can’t have mint

  • This is perfect for me because I am lazy and hate to cook, but I love oats and mint! Also, I always eat breakfast on my way to work because I'm busy drinking coffee before I leave the house, so my breakfast needs to be portable.

  • 2:47 gave off the same vibe as: U HAVE BEEN VICTORED ngl just saying u have been cristined

  • So it's cold oatmeal? I'm American & confused. Lol.

  • I've wanted to try this since you first announced it, but they only ship to the USA and Canada. I've now found a website that'll give me an American address and then ship the items to my private address in Denmark! I just ordered 8 packs to try out and I'm so excited to finally be able to try it!

  • P.S. Writing this here so Kristen can read it. For Kristen- don't know if it is true for this brand but oats usually contain phytic acid that should be thoroughly removed before cooking because it can create mineral deficiencies in your body. what you can possibly do is soak them overnight in water, rinse them thoroughly in the morning and then add your breakfast preferences. Love your videos!!!

  • I wonder if Cristine finished the whole bottle of oats. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Cristine it also takes you a night to make a baby

  • OMGG MY CAT'S FAMOUS🤣😂because my cat's name is Pumpkin spice 🤣

  • How many times did she make a “oat” pun? Anyone keep track?!

  • Cristine your hair is so long Haha

  • you can even make your own flavor tea and connect with davids tea

  • so mad it didnt register that the mint linear holo was a teaser for the new collection

  • do a Collab with Philip Green

  • i'm so sad that they don't ship to Europe!

  • Oprah Winfrey: I LOVE BREAD- Cristine: *hold my oats*

  • i feel like cristine should’ve said y’all gon make me lose my mind oat in here oat in here

  • Watch out, simplymomlogical has really good oats!

  • All oat puns: 0:55 you OATready know! 0:57 you dOAT have to ask twice! 1:19 it’s so subtle I wasn’t sure if you’d nOATice. 1:52 I am the worlds first, OATfluencer. 2:26 don’t forget to take nOATs! 4:10 these oats the gOAT! 4:20 I plead guilt, to man slOATer. 4:29 but not too minty, I didn’t wanna OATver do it. 5:38 and also of nOAT, you can mix the oat flavors with whatever milk you want. 7:12 so we worked on perfecting the flavor remOATly.

  • Me crying in europian🥺they dont ship here

  • BBBYYYEEENNN sssssssss holo

  • I would have loved to been able to buy some oats, but I'm actually allergic to oats 🥺😥

  • "Who doesn't like mint chocolate? What are you, an idiot?" no but I am *allergic*

  • I just love that her shirt and the dish towel match tho

  • sometimes I forget Cristine is in her 30's.... but then Im like oh ya this is normal, right? idk anymore

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  • Simply leaking her Mint Mojito shade and we didn’t even know

  • Okay but how iconic is it to have your own oat flavour This girl is living life

  • who else is here after her new pastel holo range!


  • I looked at their website and I'm bummed to see that they do not ship to canada for free :(

  • I sadly couldn't buy your awesome Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie oats because I'm allergic to dairy, but I did pick up a little shaker of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough at the supermarket, and made sure to do the oats shaking dance so it'll mix properly ;)

  • We all know Cristine just did this to eat a lot of oats ;)

  • 6:10 cart titan enterd the chat

  • what do you mean

  • Cristine: mentions mint chocolate chip **namjoon has left the chat**