I Put My Boyfriend On A Billboard

Published on Apr 10, 2021
It's not a billboard, it's a Beyyynboard
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  • RESULTS UPDATE!! Simply deep dive into the data... did we make a return on investment or is Ben's billboard career over? Watch: usdos.info/border/video/rIqchmSDs619rqc

  • I actually love this so much omg

  • in the first billboard before bens pic you can probably see kurt cobain hehe

  • Why am I flying to Ottawa. No reason

  • is that him in the backround in the intro 💀💀😭

    • @goldranger2 haha yea ik im joking. Ive watched simply for a while now 😭

    • Him who? Ben? And no, that's a mannequin. It's from a previous video.

  • the plastic bag lyrics should have been '' do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the LAND ''

  • 8:29 i love this

  • I see that The Floor is Guava polish, you ain't slick

  • my sister lives in ottawa and she saw this and told me (she sent a picture)

  • The moment when Ben realised it will be up for an entire month.

  • OMG I just watched this now and I lived in the building of the last billboard a few years ago 😂 why couldn't that be there when I was?!? 😂😂 I love this so much 😂😂😂

  • No one: I have boring nails. Cristine: puts on Holo she says it's not a problem anymore

  • This is better than what most park USdosrs have to offer

  • Ottawa looks like small town america. jesus.

  • i just noticed that christine and benn are both year of the dragon in the chinese zodiac lol

  • I love how it's not A BILLBOARD it's 3 BILLBOARDS

  • Big Ben 😂😂😂


  • lmao i lost it at whispering deadpan daddy

  • OMG I live in Ottawa and I know the spots you went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You: look at all the ppl Me: Not being allowed outside

  • cristine should put menchie and zyler on the billboard next!

  • "you LOVE the nail polish!" "WoooOwww"

  • We don't have billboards here in Vermont to preserve the view of the mountains. Shame we can't have a Ben though.

  • Ben: *yawns in Aries*

  • My nails look like your left hand I hadn't seen the video yet but I did buy your polish

  • Christine does not just prank her boyfriend by a fake bug or something but makes a billboard makes sence

  • Make a USdos channel called Holo Taco Nail polish

    • Holo Taco does have a USdos channel

  • I wish she would've done one of the happy smiling Bens! Those pictures were so good (also i love his pink sweatshirt)

  • At 5:31 Ben kinda looked like he thought Christine was about to propose😁

  • The coherent mailbox behaviourally improve because message regularly test between a defeated unit. racial, wild tune

  • Cristine: you LOVE the nail polish Ben: weeoooo Cristine: how much do you love the nail polish? Ben: sooooo much Cristine: YASSSSS

  • They’re still up! I was on bank street about 2 weeks ago and the one next to Talay Thai is still there, lol.


  • When you actually have tea

  • I feel like that 5,000 dollars could have helped someone who needed it instead of being used for a billboard :( You guys are already famous anyway and your boyfriend will smile at anything you do.

    • They already donate a lot of their personal money to charities every year. This is a business expense for Holo Taco and is something they should be doing to reach a more broad audience who might not know who Cristine is.


  • I-

  • i love you

  • Let Ben paint your nails

    • He's painted her nails several times

  • Did she say Ben without sceaming is this a imposter 👀

  • Okay but did it pay off?

  • Simply I’ve been waiting for you to find streaming and comment on the nail painting!!! This gamer girl is happy 💗💗💗

  • If you want to go outside with actual people and feel confident. We here in Fairbanks Alaska are allowing anyone from anywhere to get the covid shot right in our airport. Please come and see Alaska spend your money and get a shot. We would love to have you. *Not sponsored*

  • Cristin: yeah billboards are the new digital art these days!!!!!! Me thinking about life: mind ~hmm I wonder what losers look at billboards and say I’ll buy that, OH WAIT 32 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!~ 😂😂😂😂😂😇😂

  • i wanna see cristine paint her audi holo 👀

  • Ben has really come a long way lol

  • Can confirm, the billboard on Bank Street is still up. I had a good laugh walking down the road and spotting it. I was not expecting to see Ben today! 😂

  • BEYYYYYYYNNNNNN luaghs in the car when you were doing the intro was if I was drunk and heard a joke

  • Jesus Christ is coming back soon! Please be prepared and turn away from sin!! 🙏🏼💕

  • i’ve been on a billboard before so i know your pain lol😂 (it was on a main road as well)

  • Ben infront of the billboard Person: HONK

  • No way hahaha you make my day

  • It's called a billboard

  • I’m so sad I didn’t see this earlier!!! I live in Ottawa and would have loved to have hunted one of these down!

  • This is how a good prank works, when both parties are laughing the entire time and it’s not hurting anyone

  • 11:50 real ppl can see it lol😂

  • 9:03 ah yes a circle

  • Next ad campaign: “I’m bananas for Holo Taco” 🍌💿🌮

  • Deadpan daddy 😂😂😂😂

  • Aw man I can’t believe I didn’t spot these billboards! I drive in these areas fairly often. This is hilarious!

  • can you please get someone to paint a mural of ben

  • I was driving an i saw the billboard

  • 1:26 SO PRETTY!! 6:06 UH OH LMFAO 6:43 Did someone realize!?!? Or were they just honking at someone else? 10:12-10:27 Yes, Thank you Ben. 10:44 Okay, that one is my fave lol

  • Beyynn was more excited to tell her he already knew 😂😂💀💀

  • Christine- it's putting a circle around his face Me- that's a square

  • she should have type " its not a problem anymore" on the billboard

  • Why ads gotta be so perfectly timed 😭😂

  • beyns glow up over the past few years is something i will never get over

  • I live in Ottawa and I literally screamed when I saw the billboard


  • I just found one of the billboards here in Ottawa near bank street in downtown Ottawa

  • Gonna buy some nail polish so I can be like beyyyn

  • At 5:25....is it just me, or did Ben get that "holy shit, is she going to propose right now?!?!" face? xD

  • Ben is such a good sport!

  • you and BEYYN are like best friends

  • Simply tours with Ben

  • I live around the corner from this billboard and never once saw it :(

  • they are down now, unfortunately 😔

  • Are you married to beeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyynn

  • How much she’s pay ?

  • May I request a folo-up, now that the campaign is over?

  • Ben don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious.

  • Ben should do this and the billboard should have some of the most embrassing pictures promoting holo taco and it saying what do you think 😂



  • Is- Is that a dead body in the background?

  • I think Ben was disappointed because his face was like “we could’ve went to vacation with this money”. Lmao


  • YoUr BrOtHeR

  • Lol, if he weren’t her boyfriend this would be so illegal 😂😂😂

  • Ben is halo perfect

  • I know it ben is an Aries ❤️😂

  • Should have made him do a sassy pose with his nails 😂😂😂😂

  • Does ben gta a page..lol straight up crack up!

  • P.s. overnight oats are not worth the time and cost to buy them! Too over a month to get to here in ottawa Canada and were not very yummy as advertised by you....

    • Overnight Oats aren't for everyone. She genuinely likes them and just because you didn't like them doesn't mean Cristine lied to you.

  • How did i miss this? I live in ottawa? Wtf!

  • This was so great lol =)

  • All of Ottawa: oh Cristeins at it again

  • Me seeing beyyyynnnn on the bill bord :👁👄👁

  • Oh no! I just found your channel and I live in Ottawa! Are they still up?

  • Good day to be in ottawa