I Instruct My Boyfriend To Paint My Nails But In French

Published on Aug 15, 2020
Aide-moi à me débarrasser de mon copain 😇
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  • Re: the "neither male nor female" question. First my credentials: I'm non-binary, and while I was born in Germany, I lived in France for about 13 years, so I'm fluent in French, though it's a bit rusty since I moved back to Germany. Also, I'm doing my best to explain it as well as I can for those who don't speak French. There is no formally accepted gender neutral pronoun. As far as the académie française is concerned, there is only male and female. However, what Ben said about the gender binary is true, and so we've invented ways to refer to people in a gender neutral way. There is no "they/them" pronoun in French, but we do use neopronouns. The most common one is "iel", which is a combination of "il" (he) and "elle" (she). There are other ones, such as ael, ol, ille, but they're less common. "iel" is the most widely accepted one. Actually, Twitter has started incorporating "iel" into its French site recently, instead of writing "il/elle". Now, in French, every adjective and some verbs have a different ending depending on the gender of the noun, and again, traditionally, there's only male and female endings. Let's take an easy example: the adjective "petit", meaning small or young. The male form is "petit", the female form is "petite". What we do is just kinda mashing both forms together, and separating the male and female endings with a dot. So we would write "petit.e" instead of "petit/petite". This only really works in writing, though. When speaking, personally, I use the male form to refer to myself, because it's considered "less gendered" than the female form, if that makes sense? So when speaking, I'd say "quand j'étais petit" (when I was younger), but in writing I'd use "quand j'étais petit.e". /** Side note: the male form is considered gender neutral in a way because the male plural form of an adjective is used as an all encompassing plural form. For example, when there's a group with only men, you'd say "Ils sont petits". (They're small/short). When it's a group with only women, you'd say "Elles sont petites" (They're small/short). However, when there's both men and women, even when there's more women then men (even when there's only one man and the others are women), you always default to the male form and male plural pronoun. This is something that some of us try to avoid, though, and for a group with mixed genders, we started using the pronoun "iels" (a combination of "ils" and "elles") and the gender neutral form of the adjective. **/ This can get a bit clunky with longer adjectives, for example "heureux", which means happy. The male form is "heureux", and the female form is "heureuse", so the mashed together gender neutral form would be "heureux.se". But we don't have anything else at the moment and probably never will. Also, what I and a lot of other non-binary people tend to do is avoid using gendered language altogether. There are adjectives, for example, where the male and female form is the same. "jeune", for example, which means young. So, instead of saying "quand j'étais petit.e", I'll favor "quand j'étais jeune" because it flows better. This isn't always possible though, and requires a lot of mental gymnastics at times. So yeah, that was your short lesson on using gender neutral language in gendered langauges.

    • Pqp kkkkkkk

    • Im nonbinary and took french in grade school and I've always been curious about this thanks for the explaination!

    • As a woman who identifies as a woman, I am sensitive to those who identify as a different gender or non-binary. I've also tried to learn other languages as the internet connects people from all over the world. I prefer to use they/them pronouns when I'm not sure how a person identifies. So, it is very wonderful to find ways to do that in usually gendered languages. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Thank you, I came to the comments just to see if there was an answer!

    • Mostly like spanish

  • I will choose free will - Rush

  • je suis à moitié français

  • In German you also gender objects and a whimp/drip/weirdo is a male😂😂😂

  • Most languages in Europe such as German, Romanian and/or french { in this case} have objects that are gendered

  • Why haven't I watched this until now wtf im dead lmao

  • *cat casually meowing aggressively in the background*

  • bless you is (AHH-TE-SU-A)

  • thanks to this video, i say TUHDAY all the time

  • I don't speak French but I always find myself coming back to this video because of how funny it is😂 I can sometimes understand a bit of the language though, because it's a romance language just like my mother tongue, which is Spanish😊Like for example, the word-gendering thing makes perfect sense to me because we do it in Spanish too, but I understand how it can be confusing for English speakers. I absolutely ADORE learning and listening to new languages, and I love to make connections between different ones taking into account their different roots...and I've come to the conclusion that most romance languages such as Spanish, French and Italian are way less efficient than germanic tongues like English or Dutch. Still, all languages, regardless of their level of complexity, are beautiful in their own way🥰And who knows? Maybe I'll learn French in the future😉

  • "I should have flaked ..." I SCREEEAAAAAMED :D That response was so friggin perfect!!

  • The gendered pronouns are the same in Spanish! You can't say el pared (the wall), you have to say la pared (the wall.) El es masculino y la es feminino. However, I'm unsure on what the gender neutral pronoun is in Spanish.

    • Side note, in Spanish "lengua" is both language and tongue, but people usually use "idioma" for language.

  • Cristine says the French language isnt romantic Ben and Cristine *makes as many romantic jokes as ive ever heard in one video*

  • Actually, as a frenchie I admit that the stinky it is, the better the cheese !

  • Je ne peux pas c'est trop drole😂😂😂😂 This is hilarious cause I am a French speaker. But they are doing their best

  • I am Belgian, living in the Dutch speaking area. We learn French as a second language as well

  • Spanish is the same. Objects have gender and from what you guys said it seems like the gender on objects match on both French and Spanish. That is just how lenguaje works. I do have to say, If anything is binary, objects would be the only thing.

  • My last name is actually part French and I am taking French in high school so I was pretty much suffering through out all of that

  • im from spain and spanish also has gender for object and for non-binary people we just invent them

  • i want ur jacket

  • I’m going to do this in Japanese

  • The most shocking thing about French for me is that male shirt is a female noun(la chemise) and female blouse(le chemisier) is a male noun LIKE WHYYYY

  • *un petit fuck up* I'm screaming

  • Random Spanish lesson even though this video’s in French, not Spanish- In Spanish, a possible gender-neutral alternative to èl (he) and ella (she) is elli. It makes sense with the two pre-existing pronouns, and it’s also obvious how it’s pronounced. Latine is common as a gender neutral Latina/Latino. Examples of terms similar to what was done with Latina/Latino/Latine are buene and niñe. A gender neutral las amiguas/los amiguos (the friends) is les amigues. A gender neutral no binaria/no binario (non-binary) can be no binarie. Hermana/hermano (sister/brother) can become hermane. (Amiguos/amiguas/amigues can also be amigos/amigas/amiges.) (No soy binarie y ayudo a mi hermana a aprender español, pensé que podría intervenir para ayudar a otros también.|I’m non-binary and helping my sister learn Spanish, thought I could chime in and help others as well.)

  • I have never been interested in learning French, but as a Spanish native speaker I can understand quite well what is Cristine saying

  • Have ben instruct you on a cooking a meal

  • Do more vids on french

    • But ben will give you instructions on how to actually cook a meal

  • Tried to learn it as a second language. It was less then stellar. I can understand people speaking generally but struggle to read/write/speak especially as I don’t get much practice in :/

  • I understand some of it in french i am learning some

  • I love how its just normal for them for menchie to sit on ben's shoulder

  • You sound like the people at the nail salon who barely speak English

  • 4:42 is the best part

  • when do we tell them that there are languages where you have female, male and "neutral" pronouns?

  • Ont dit ‘’ ongle du pouce

  • Spanish also places gender on objects such as "la casa," "la silla," etc

  • Okay but this just makes me wanna have cristine teach me legit anything. She seems so good and even though I know kids aint a thing for them.....they would be great parents lmao

  • AT LEAST IT ISNT LATIN, I only learned it for three years, and do NOT speak the langueage, a great one to learn if youre thinking about learning a romantic language in the future. However, instead of it being La or Le or Tu, its the endings, and there are multiple endings up to 8 in three different cases.so it takes forever to learn.

  • No offence but why does simply sound like the ads of president’s choice products in French when she talks French?? It makes me laugh!

  • je suis francophone et ceci est très drôle je pourrait le regarder pour des années!!

  • I know some French and when Ben said shut ur mouth it reminded me of how my fourth grade teacher told us to shut up 😂

  • In Spanish everything is male.

  • Juicy wAp

  • The thumnail in french is called "la miniature" or we use the english words

  • La moustache

  • but we didn't talk about wHaT's oN yOuR oThEr hAnD?!?

  • Bonjour je ne parle pas francais mais jai utillise google translate ben vous aves vraiment besoin de vous entrainer plus dans les ongles

  • Well English people are lucky that they can use neutral pronouns for objects or people because as a Romanian I have non-binary friends that don’t know what pronouns to use because there are only the binary ones. Like bro, do we have to gender everything😭?

  • Tu parles très bien français. Beaucoup mieux que ce que les français parlent anglais XD

  • Okay but this is a fabulous manicure idea?

  • I’m canadien and speak a little French!

  • This is hilarious 🤣

  • Im french and this is so funny hahaha 😭😭

  • I'm not french but I studied it in highschool and I swear I don't understand anything HAHAHA A petit fuck-up I'm dying HAHAHAHHQHAHAHHA

  • I learned French in high school from a teacher who was Russian with a strong Russian accent.

  • Menchie et Zyler sont les chatons les plus mignons. Ils ont volé la vedette.

  • The thumbnail is hilarious

  • This is the most funny video with beyyn I love this video its my favourite

  • Hi I’m French but I understand English so . voilà 👌🏾

  • i love how ben is just saying random words in frence

  • ben,2020- i espresso you espresso we espresso they espresso

  • i love the BENJAMIN

  • I speak a little French

  • I thought bens shirt said “daddy”😭😭😭

  • Ok so I’m rewatching some “old” videos and like why don’t you try to do polish mountain but you give Ben instructions in French ( and yes I wanna see you both suffer )

  • ”and then we add…” ”some cheese”😂😂

  • Can you react to miraculous ladybug in French

  • The energy of this video is so chaotic

  • I just noticed the nail polish in the introduction was the pansexual flag!

  • I absolutely died when u put the caption as “what the 🦭”

  • It says that there are 0.0% of people from Germany that watch her, but I’m from Germany,and I watch her!

  • 2:39 **sigh from a russian potato who didn't make it even into this 0.00% list** tell me i'm not alone( другими словами: русские есть? отзовитесь

  • 3:31 “Pay attention!” *”Shut your mouth”*

  • Just about 400 views from Germany.. huh

  • "enleves-moi de cette monde" est mon phrase favorite de cette video, ca dit parfaitment ce que nous pensons. - a person who speaks french and english

  • Estoy viendo un video donde hablan inglés y francés mientras yo hablo español, y lo entiendo bruh 😳

  • From a francophone Quebecois point of view, I fln LOVED this video 😂👌

  • B: “are you the cheese?” C: “Pay attention!” B: “Shut your mouth.” ah, such a romantic language

  • No one: Literally no one: French speakers: C'EST PAS COMME VOUS PRONONCEZ QUE (THATS NOT HOW YOU PRONOUNCE THAT) To french speakers: Don’t come at me it was google translate

  • in spanish objects are also gender like “la silla” which is chair and it’s also gendered female and same with house. also your french is not bad, it’s pretty good compared to my accent xD


  • Me being fluent in French my brain correcting and getting mad every time they get something wrong 😂

  • Ben: people who think that french is so beautiful clearly hasn't been to Quebec My french teacher who lived in Quebec: 👁️👄👁️

  • also funfact the stinkest cheese is da best cheese

  • I am also a FSL student living in Canada except I did not do French immersion at all (only core French) and I actually am continuing French studies in university right now so fingers crossed things go well

  • I spelled "Oui" in my French class in Highschool as "We" for some reason and I still cringe about it till this day...

  • We could say Taco brillant for glossy Taco.

  • Holo❤️💖☺️☺️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💖💖💖

  • My name is "Leah" go to google translate and see what it says-

  • Hey I’m subscribed but I’m Polish so it incorrct

  • "thumbnail" in French is "miniature" and it's funny Cristine that you said "plate" for boring because it is I think a Quebecois expression, in France we tend to use "chiant" it is a bit familiar but it is less vulgar than "casse-couille" wich literally means "ball breaker". French people rarely use "ennuyeux", this is a very formal way of saying that something is boring. Also Cristine your French is very good, don't underestimate yourself! (About how many French people watch your channel, looking at the captions wouldn't be representative since I think a lot of us don't use them)

  • I love how menchie just chill on Ben😂

  • She says cristine is bad name afrin is more bad😅

  • The part about language and tongue having the same word kind of makes sense. In English, sometimes people will use tongue to mean language (like mother tongue). I'm guessing there isn't much of a distinction in Latin (I think that's where English and French came from) and language was added to the English... Language later.

  • I speak Spanish and in this language objects are gendered too

  • Ben speaking french is comedy at its finest

  • I love videos like this. Do more videos in french.

  • Ah, Cristine's knowledge of French. I can relate, except for me, it's Japanese. 🙃 I can understand the language better than I speak it.

  • VIDEO IDEA: in future you and Ben should react to this I guarantee you will laugh the whole way through

  • Omg croissant I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was literally laughing through the whole of this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 when you started saying Menchie in French I couldn’t help but disturb the peace and quiet