How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?

Published on Aug 1, 2020
Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • I got an ad for an alternative to weighted blankets before this video lmao

  • Ummm I think that coudve been a heath concern lol but I loved the vid

  • Help, ive fallen and i cant get up! like if you get the reference

  • Watching this during the Olympics this should be a sport

  • i love how in love they look

  • “Dear” 🥺♥️ I love it

  • why is it stupid shit

  • J

  • Um I'm 104 pounds and I have a 25 pounds blanket

  • says most adult weighted blankets are 10-20lbs me with my 64lb weighted blanket 👀

  • I love their relationship so much

  • I have one thats 35 lbs, no regerts

  • You should do weighted blanket mountain!

  • Why didn’t u lay on a different blanket so u could use the blanket ur laying on to make sure u can’t get up?

  • Ay

  • Me on a cold night:

  • 2:17 omg Menchi!!! Why are you so perfect??

  • Tbh I thought 11 weighted blankets

  • This reminded me of Jenna Marbles old videos. Such Jenna selfish time Vibes. Miss her😭😭

  • Honestly, I just admire Ben and Cristine's relationship. it seems so healthy and happy

  • “So this is 180 lbs on you” “But evenly distributed on my body” “Yes dear, I’m trying to make it sound like a lot” We Stan the old married couple that is simplybenlogical

  • Truth or dare 😈

  • So funny!

  • 12:18 so cute!!!

  • This is just a different version of the witch trials

  • My brain after this video 😩🤯😭😭😑🥺

  • Put Ben under all the blankets

  • Can I get a blanket…? My anxiety would appreciate it lol

  • I know this is going to trigger my claustrophobia and I’m watching anyway 🍿

  • That pretty pricey for something that just lays on top of you and does absolutely nothing... *kind of like a bad boyfriend* 🤣🤣

  • She will BE UNDER 252 POUNDS OMG

  • This is easy i can do it easyli

  • If I was camping in winter I this is gonna happen in the tent

  • When you’re the same weight as 14 weighted blankets :)))

  • I tried to scream but my body was under blankets

  • Can I get one, please? Those are really expensive on my country, and I want to try it to see if it helps with my anxiety and sleep issues.

  • What about the one she was lying on? :|

  • I am claustrophobic so this would be a really bad challenge for me because it’s really bad for me

  • how many cats until i cant get up , how much nail polish until i cant lift my finger/hand

  • Too cool for school To strong for Kong

  • i would love a weighted blanket but it's super hot here in the Philippines 🙄 also i just love how you guys enjoy things like this it makes me happy and really enjoy watching you be all goofy and stuff 💗

  • Oof

  • iv follin and can't get up

  • hostages: what a nice technique

  • Aizawa From Class 1-A Be Like

  • "how many weighted blankets till i suffocate to death" or "how many weighted blankets till i fucking cant breath breaks all the bones under my neck and live in an iron lung now" (sorry if the last one is offensive!!!

  • lowkey kinky

  • So..... A 40 pound blanky for me

  • The video starts at 6:13 for anyone wondering

  • "when something lays on top of you and does nothing, kinda like a bad boyfriend" Me: *spits water* Excuse me what-

  • *_-A-_* *_-B-_* *_-C-_*

  • why is she so good at math

  • I often wanted to see how many weighted blankets it would take to crush a car. Imagine just rolling out a thick weighted blanket and it flattens a car.

  • see you when this is in ur recommended a year from now

  • I have the same exact weighted blanket and i’m using it right now

  • I barely have enough strength to kick off my regular blanket when I wake up😂

  • He definitely sounds like chilled chaos

  • His prediction was right, but his math was wrong. You're just lifting half of the blanked, so he should have x by 2. -> 16 Blankeds : )

  • Yes 13 blankets would be your weight, but the flaw in the experiment comes in that only a third of each blanket covers your torso....right?

  • you can fold the blankets in half. decrease their surface area

  • Boss: why were you late today? Me: couldn't get out of bed

  • I love just how much energy the two of them have together

  • I want a weighted blanket. Are there still in stock. (from you,,), if not where can I find the cheapest one

  • Next TT trend: How many weighted blankets until my chest collapses.

  • giles corey be like

  • Should’ve folded them in half

  • It’s one am why did USdos bring me here

  • Step bro I’m stuck

  • You only need one it will comfy and you don't want to get up

  • “Kinda like a bi boyfriend” dead

  • 6:30 hope that helps

  • you dont have 10k $ even though having 7mill subs and averaging over 100k views per vid well then I'm am not gonna be a USdosr now

  • This is great now i can trap my victims more easily!

  • video starts at 6:04

  • How the blankets feel when you first wake up

  • Why?

  • alt title: what will happen first i cant get up using blankets or i die of heat find out next time on dragon ball z

  • Such a great idea Edit: forgot the ;)

  • 2:02 that got meeeee

  • Cat be chillin

  • 7:33 that’s what she said 😂

  • 6:16 seconds in is when the video actually starts. Bro.

  • well, if the inside is 15lbs, then add the outside, that might come up to around 18lbs would it not?

  • You can benchpress a 100 pounds!?!?!? I can't even lift 35 >:V

  • That " DON T EAT THE BLANKET" was awsome

  • video starts at 6:13

  • Ah yes my recommended wants me to get Weighted Blankets.

  • You should have put like 4 blankets folded in half on her upper weight so she couldn’t do the sit up

  • video starts at 6:10

  • well ok only she's only theoretically lifting half that weight, so, around 126 pounds. Still a lot though

  • So this is why they cost so much. You are driving demand up!

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  • You and ben are so cute omg

  • Each blanket=15 pounds

  • Did you know there was a medieval form of torture known as pressing? This is that.

  • The title doesn't have good grammar

  • if only mr beast commented on this video “or do i?”

  • Il buy a weighted blanket and 250lbs of marbles to put in the one Poor dude is questioning his life choices

  • *Sweat +100*

  • But why do ya have so many weighted blankets