How Many Bottles of Nail Polish Can My Cats Jump Over?

Published on Aug 22, 2020
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  • you should make jeyyyn polish in either her favorite color or her lest favorite color

  • "These hoomans 'pect me to jump over this mess???!!! I don't fink so!" *proceeds to knock down polish. "You're welcome!"

  • Is your favorite color gray

  • Sadly, I’m looking at the unicorn skin boxes and am like… I need you!! I missed out on the first round :( :,(

  • Please get more merch that gives $ to cat charities! I love kitties 💕 😻💖 More Zyler and Menchie, too!

  • Menchie: Doesn't jump over 8 bottles height of nail polish. Also Menchie : Literally jump onto Beyyyn's shoulder while standing .(instagram highlights)

  • Poor menchie didnt get any treats

  • Cristine saying 'What the fuck man' to Zyler when he tries to nom her is HILARIOUS

  • The clever tramp cytochemically influence because faucet reassembly wait behind a festive connection. lamentable, snotty mountain

  • Zyler is such an intelligent young man

  • i don't know why people would dislike on this viseo! she's so guudd and im from 2021

  • 9:06 i was kinda disappointed that it was about the nail polish. Would've liked some closeups from Zyler and Menchie😂❤️

  • I'm sorry but 13$ for a some nail polish? That's over priced and should be much cheaper.

    • @RockerCatErrorEncountered 404 their are plenty of good polishes for cheap prices and when I say cheap I mean like about 7 dollars. Have you seen twinkled t's nail polish? Their stuff is good priced and good nail polish.

    • That's a fair price for quality nail polish. The stuff you get for $5 at Walmart tend to chip and peel after a few days. My Holo Taco doesn't do that. Plus holo glitter is more expensive than plain silver glitter.

  • menchie’s polish is the best polish i have. it’s so easy to apply for a lovely glitter look and is also super nice to use when doing nail art. this is a major win for Holo Taco!

  • Cloud you do Ben holo nila polish?

  • You should make a channel for your cats

  • Idk what she's talking about, but i really liked Menchie and Zyler shades together

  • Holowiin

  • did i just saw kittisaurus on a simply nailogical video at 2:40? IM SO PROUD OF THEM FOR BEING APART OF A FAMOUS CHANNEL

  • 7:26 I wheezed 😭

  • christene is the the one person that can still rock cat ears like a BoSs

  • Menchie’s a little slow she’s so cute so it makes up for it 😆

  • Watching this video reminded me of the day me and my husband adopted or first dog Bella I spend my free time helping at shelters for animals

  • Zyler doing all the work: Menchie: iT’s NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  • She has gonna old now


  • You should make a ben nail polish 😁😁😁

  • Did anyone else notice that she had the Menchie polish on her left hand and the zyler Polish on her right At LeAsT i ThInK Directions hard understand

  • Pink looks so good on simply!!! It goes so well with her skin tone and the nails just pop! 🤩

  • Zyler is like a teen, only comes when where is fooooodd

  • Simply: Menchie you're smarter than this! Menchie: Yes, yes I am

  • and love your cats

  • sorry i`m late to answer but i love cat and as you can see i have a cat LOVE CATS

  • I don't wear nail polish but I want the kitty nail polish! Menchie and Zyler are so cute!

  • Everyone just take a second to appreciate Cristine. She has 3 youtube channels, a podcast, her own brand, and a day job. Give her some love. Lots of it.

  • Cristine should google her cats age in human years and film her reaction

  • Lol

  • Jjjjjj

  • This was uploaded on my besties birthday just something that I noticed

  • Zyler is at first like "Nah" and pulls down the stack of boxes. Then shoves them over on Menchie. I think Zy's just not having any of it today. And then menchie just refuses to jump. Poor mench

  • Is there any way besides e-bay I can buy the older collection boxes from you?? I was finally not broke the last couple of collections and was able to buy them while the boxes were still available and then went to Ebay for the empty multichrome box, but I just can't justify buying the rainbow box for $300. Lol!

  • Cristine: How much collection boxes can my cat jump over? me: *sees menchie from the back* also me: well, hi menchie

  • I was today years old. Menchie is female

  • Ok I was scrolling and I saw a testing simply nailogicals holiday vid and the said. “ this polish is not real holo” I was so MADD cristiene is dis true ? I hope not can someone please tell me

  • 11:25 is perfeshom

  • I feel like people love menchie more somewhat, I feel bad for zyler. still, I love both. xoxo

  • I have Menchie on my nails right now, it’s such a pretty color!!!

  • Not to be dramatic but I would literally die for Zyler😩❤️

  • h

  • She needs to make a nail polish called “BEYYYYYYYNNNN”

  • Wait it can5 have been 5 months already!

  • wait i just Realized that these 2 polishes match my Kids ( cats ) perfectly I have two kittens ( they'll be 5 months old in a week ) and my cat sunny is a ginger cat like Zyler and my other cat ash is black and white with a pink nose like menchie ( and sunny has a pink nose but you get the point ) I would wear these colors alll the time just for them

  • I got a kitten 2 days ago and she is 8 weeks old and is called felicity. And I wanted to get another one to call her Cristine or Chris but I was not allowed.

  • Cristine what peel of base coat do u use

  • holo*

  • cristine, i need a MATTE shade of nail polish, like the one u made with safiyaa in a vid 👀👀

  • what breeds are menchie and zyler :(

    • They're domestic shorthairs (mutts). Really the only reason "breed" matters in cats is for show purposes, it's better to go on how the cat looks and acts when adopting.

  • I was a dog person but menchie made me a dog and cat person 🐶🐱🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐈🐈

  • What if the frozen yogurt place Menchie was named after copyrights all these things you've been naming after your cat 👀

  • SO that’s why those colors are in ur intro that makes sence!

  • Zyler went after menchir

  • 2.41 kittisaurus 💗💗💖💖💖💗🐈🤭

  • "and it turns amber" Americans: *forgets the USA is not the only country*

  • They don’t want to jump cause your watching and they’re trying to hide their talents. Lol

  • Menchie: I go first Zyler: Why?? Menchie: BECAUSE IM A LADY THATS WHY

  • Cristine: i'm not a huge fan of pink also Cristine: includes a pink shade (sometimes two) in basically every collection

  • 7:32 *Damn zyler snatched that treat like it’s no ones business* 😂😂

  • 6:50 false I do American Ninja Warrior and they don’t make anything shorter/easier for the women or shorter people😭

  • I think Zyler did this better because he's more food driven. Lol


  • Do Canadians not call it a yellow light on traffic lights?? ✨amber✨

  • I love how Mechie doesn’t want to do the work and just wants treats 😆

  • I live the bisexual box i dont think that was intentional but yay

  • I love Zeiler's and Menchie's nail polish because we do not have favorites.i to have the Feline animal known as the cat. I have 3. I hope you get more.all hail the cats


  • Zyler time to be smashed to menchie pushes boxes down lol cristen pls see this srry if i spelled ur name wrong

  • This is how animals should be treated online

  • Try and make a Maze and make Them come to you, that would be so cool🤩

  • Cristine always warms my heart whenever she talks 💓

    • Me too! I hope whoever made this comment has a fantastic morning/day/night!😃

  • So here I am recovering from the world's virus. I am laughing so hard that in coughing. This is amazing.

  • 7:38 👁 👄 👁


  • Album career: In December 2005, Karanfilovska said she had never watched 2006.

  • Does anyone know if aportion of the sales still being donated to the charity?

  • I'm not a fan of pink like I hate pink but menchies polish I love it

  • Zyler was helping menchie out by taking some boxes off 😂

  • Cats:jump on counters Cats now: don't jump over the nail polish when they can jump on counters Poor menchie

  • I love how Ben loves the cats and he treats them so good and he's still good cat dad and he's allergic to them

  • I can't say the word treat my dogs go crazy and then want one then they will stare at u forever until u give them one

  • 😂😂😂😂 I think they did good

  • 1:50 So then stop eating them, please?

  • I know I'm getting the kitties set for Christmas and I can not wait to use them!!!! 😻

  • Zyler is smarter because he went to college.

  • Shout out to Zylar for helping your sister and knocking the boxes down LMAO

  • Her kitty kids

  • Wait you call yellow lights amber lights

  • they both are so cute

  • 7:27

  • 7:03

  • zyler reminds me of peach ... completely food driven