Published on Apr 17, 2021
This collection is such a thirst trap🤩😩 NEW PASTEL RAINBOW collection just dropped➡️ holota.co/simply-pastelrainbow
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💅🌈H O L O T A C O P A S T E L R A I N B O W C O L L E C T I O N
NOW AVAILABLE: holota.co/simply-pastelrainbow

💅🌈Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection Box set (includes 7 polishes) - $98 (USD)
💅 7 new linear holographic polishes polishes - $14 each

Note: The Collection Box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock of boxes. The individual polishes are sticking around, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies are available. Make sure to grab your faves!

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Disclaimer: I didn't pay myself specifically to make this video for Holo Taco but I do benefit from Holo Taco sales😊 Some other links above are affiliate links.


  • Holo everyone! Update: the Pastel Rainbow collection box is now ❗️sold out❗️😅 Thank you for your incredible support this launch😭🙏 This was Holo Taco’s most successful launch to date! While the box was limited edition and won’t be restocked, all 7 new shades are available to purchase individually and will be restocked if sold out💖 holota.co/simply-pastelrainbow Looking forward to seeing all your pastel holo manis💅🌈💖 Thank you so much again for your support of my nail polish vision!! I hope you love them💿💅

    • I want it but IM NOT ALOWED TO ORDER STUFF ON OTHER WEBSITES BUT Amazon and noon

    • @Simply Nailogical Hi 🙋‍♀️ umm yeah I’m obsessed and I literally have 5 sets because I’m scared I’ll never get my hands on any of your products again. I think I deserve to be on your PR list with how much money I spend and how many hours I have spent watching your videos and being so Dedicated and being probably one of your top fans I’m just saying. And I am also just saying you will probably never read this because thousands of people comment and I’m just another human being like the rest of the 5 million people on this earth OK I love you bye😂🥰😍but seriously I’m a nail technician and I use your polishes and I have put soo many of my clients on to your vlogs and polishes and I have regulars who ALWAYS request using your tacos aka top coats. I have yet to get my 5 collection boxes of the new pastel rainbows 🌈 but I know I’m literally watching for UPS and I have heard only good reviews about them and I think they are going to be popular with my girls and guys and regulars who come in. Like my biggest dream is to sit down with you and do your nails and ask questions 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 love youuuu

    • usdos.info/list/PcbrkwDPdt0bjKdbDME68g

    • Just wondering why you don't ship to South Australia. I was looking forward to buying over $150 of polish and was disappointed with the fact you don't ship here.

    • Purple

  • Is this a holo pride collection perhaps

  • Wow the 91.00 is way to much i sell polish myself and the cost to make and brand to me is way to much. Just my opinion. But i tried your single bottles and there not bad but not life changing. But lovs your channel i just think your prices are alittle to much plus the packaging is cheap feeling nof high-end enough for the price.

  • I just got this for my birthday, and my mom must have gotten it three months ago because she bought it in time to get the collection box. I’m so excited to try it out, plus my bestie is coming over so I’m doing her nails too 😁😁😁

  • The drink with the vine glass is multi chrome!?!???!!!

  • I watch the behind the scenes video before this and all I can think of is you with your iPhone light. I’ve binged your videos all week. I love how positive you are and how you actually care about school and things like that. You and Ben are the best and you can definitely tell how hard you work on your brand. 💜💜

  • Long time lurker first time buyer and I’m so impressed, I can’t stop looking at my nails!! I was so excited when it arrived that I threw on a coat on a few of my nails, the formula is so thick and easy to apply and I love seeing what the holo looks like under different light It’s great to support someone who cares and puts so much work into their products and someone who also kept me sane during the pandemic when I first discovered the channel 💕💕

  • 1:00🤦🏻💀

  • It’s cute !!!

  • 2-3 coats huh

  • It’s currently 3 am and I’m thirsty as hell but I can’t go downstairs to get water so when she asked if I was thirsty I was like “YOU HAVE SOME WATER FOR ME?”

  • I love pastels 💜💚💛

  • Whenever i watch this chanel i feel like i MUST put on nail polish even tho its not really useable in my daily life!

  • Please please make more holographic glitter polishes 🌄

  • Why are there no uv holo tacos 🥺🥺🥺🥺


  • OMG

  • I have 3 boxes and 4 collections

  • Now we're getting a new collection tomorrow! Thank you for having afterpay 🤣

  • Everytime you release a new range I think, "It can't be better than the last. The last was fantastic". Wrong! Gorgeous.

  • peach tea and coral chaser are up my alley😭😭💕

  • Why does she remind me so much of Moriah 🖐😫

  • I Need In My Life a Summer Holo Collection, either beach or Mermaid themed.

  • Omg the price is 134 dollar for me including shipping and taxes 😭😭😭

  • Okay, you got me. I paint my nails maybe twice a year but I can't pass up pastels and sparkles

  • So what will it take to get a Holo Taco gel formula??

  • I would like to say I have both rainbow as and I love the pastel set the best.Thank you Cristine.

  • I really wanted to order this but it doesn't have my country 😭😭

  • What's next h💿L💿 Multi chrome? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Do people actually buy this for $98!?!

  • Just bought lavender syrup and I’m shocked at the quality! I also picked up a few others from other collections and I’ve never had such amazing nail polishes before! Totally worth the money!!! I don’t know why I waited so long to place an order!

  • Omg peach tea 😍🤤


  • I have a question do you still have a Pilley bag

  • More white nail polishes please.

  • Is there a making of 'holo splash art' or something like that? Like all the beautiful shots you show in your intros and similar ones - I would love to see a making of of those :)

  • The top coats are sold outtttt:( I need theeem

  • This stuff is so expensive when I can go to the dollar store by pastel nail polish and add glitter i still support you though I love your vids

  • Suggestion: MAGNETIC HOLO😲

  • Simply : How mutch boxes do you have Me : zero :(

  • If I pass my master's degree exam on monday I'm buying this whole collection. I need this

  • just ordered this pack along with a super holo taco. so excited!!!

  • In the UK we call that a shit mix and they are always the nicest tasting drinks ever no matter what you chuck in 🙈🙌 ABSOLUTELY love this collection 💞💞💞

  • As a gay person, i need this.

  • You need neon now

  • " Are you thirsty " Just got back from Sk8 The Infinity crack and Cherry Just said Thirsty Gorilla: *HOLY HONEY ORANGE PINNAPPLE EXPRESSO*

  • When will the top coat be on sale again btw I live in Denmark so the one that is on sale is not available in my country

  • U should make a banana collection🍌🍌

  • I have zero collectors boxes from you I just like watching you but for my birthday and Christmas I’m getting a bunch of them

  • Halo simply

  • Why don’t you have some sweatpant merch Christine? I really think you should have them!

  • How often does Christian post

  • i have 1

  • Hi umm yeah I’m obsessed and I literally have 5 sets because I’m scared I’ll never get my hands on any of your products again. I think I deserve to be on your PR list with how much money I spend and how many hours I have spent watching your videos and being so Dedicated and being probably one of your top fans I’m just saying. And I am also just saying you will probably never read this because thousands of people comment and I’m just another human being like the rest of the 5 million people on this earth OK I love you bye😂🥰😍

  • So i was talking with my friends. And they got me annoyed so i said: *BEYYYNNNNN?!* (This actually happened, they were so confused. I just said ''You dont wanna know'')

  • Why my nail polish is not drying up even after 3 HOURS??? help

  • usdos.info/list/PcbrkwDPdt0bjKdbDME68g

  • It would be so awesome to see neon holographic nail polish

  • Hallo Cristen I am a very and I am one of your biggest fans me and my family love you so much so I was wondering if you can give a shout out in your next video names are Avery melody and Lizzie thank you Cristen we love yooooou

  • My weird ass wanting a flash back to mixing all the colors period of USdos with these. Like not alll of them.. just a little blob of each. XD I’m weird.. I definitely like the pastels better than the rainbow

  • I ordered the chrome collection and I think I got a bad batch, the nail polish seems to be goopy and thick. It doesn't paint correctly

  • Uhhh I need that sweater. SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE ITS FROM!

  • They look amazing colors

  • You look kind of like one of my teachers

  • Can we indians use indian rupees? For ur HOLO TACO?

  • Someone getting thirsty cause you asked

  • I already have it it’s nice

  • Why not do stained glass art but on real glass with holo taco? 🤔

  • 100000000

  • Just a question did you spill those nail polish bottles and how much do you spill?

  • Saw it on Facebook :P

  • All of them

  • I wish I could get it in the uk! 🥺 x

  • 💿🌮🌈

  • All

  • Make a video with just nail polish no liquid latex no nail vinyls no hollow taco and no glossy taco just nail polish

  • I need this

  • Fun fact: I was a holosexual before i realized I was a homosexual 😏

  • I can only dream of having anything halo 🌮 taco on my nails let alone these 😔😔uk loves ya

  • When are these selling out my mom said she would get some for my birthday.

  • Imma just add it to my bag and pretend I have enough money to spend 90 dollars on nail polish :')


  • Soaking in lemon juice helps with staining of your nails

  • Soaking in lemon juice helps remove staining of your nails ..love these

  • anyone know where the hoodie can be bought! it matches the box so we'll thought it was merch!

  • No shipping to Mexico!!! :’( so sad :/

  • Yuh I am thirty give me the halo polish so I can also feel pretty inside 😪😩

  • hm, 14 dollars for nail polish. interesting.

  • Can you get white holo?

  • Its so expensive here in the philippines $14 is almost 700 pesos 😭. So ill just support cristine by watching al of her vids ilyyy so mucchh 💕✨


  • i live in denmark and we dont have dollar so for you that have dollar its $91 but fro me its over 500 money for me LOL

  • moriah be simping lol

  • Why didn’t you choose my sister for the tiktok competition? She stayed up until 2 am each morning and did her nails as best as she could. Not only that, but she was really creative and came up with insane and fun ideas. Yet you chose someone who put in no effort.

    • do you not realize that she has 7 million subscribers, and most likely most of her supporters competed? come on now, you think she's gonna choose your 8-year-old sister, lmao rather naive to you to think that your sister is going to guaranteed win.

    • Can’t win them all? She didn’t purposely try to hurt your sisters’s feelings, don’t take it personally.

  • See now I gotta make and taste that drink you made because Im so curious now

  • When will your Holo Taco Long Lasting Base be back available?

  • 1st time of asking simply to notice NerdECrafter

  • Kinda like all the shades of sunset in temptation island. I- byeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 11:26 "unreleased red creme" -gasp-! I literally tweeted about wishing the cremes were a full rainbow. She knew what I wanted before I did. Cristine, you are a gem and I love you!

    • I about geeked out when she mentioned the red creme.

  • Where is the peely bag!