Published on Jun 5, 2021
Feeling drained? It's not a problem anymore! Recharge your nails with H💿L💿🔋🔌✨💅➡️ holota.co/simplyelectric

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⚡️Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection Box set (includes 5 polishes) - $70 (USD)
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🧢Also available: Gradient Dad Hats😎 - $25 each

Note: The Collection Box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock of boxes. The individual polishes are sticking around, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies are available. Make sure to grab your faves!

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Disclaimer: I didn't pay myself specifically to make this video for Holo Taco but I do benefit from Holo Taco sales😊 Some other links above are affiliate links.


  • Lauren sent me here to tell you that she is working on her mixing skills and she coming for you 😈

  • Laurnz sent me and she said that she is going to work on her nail polish mixing skills and she comeing after u 😈😈


  • My mom found a cd💿 and I asked if I could have it and she said yes!!!! I taught about you.

  • I'm not into nail arts and nail polish, but I love those gradient hat!

  • Being able to pay for your polishes one day motivates me to get my degree

  • I just saw the Holo Taco advertisement

  • I just saw an add for Holo Taco on here, GOOD FOR YOU BISH

  • Hey friends, I subscribed to the Halo Taco email list. It says I would be notified of release an sales. I’ve seen at least two releases but I have yet to see any sales even through the holiday seasons. Has anyone ever seen a discount email from them? Should I stay on it a little longer or free up emails?

  • Is it possible to do fluorescent holo? 😍

  • Me and my friend counted how many times she said holo in this video. 69 times!!! It’s shocking 😂

  • She makes me want to start my own channel about nails just to test her products, hopefully for Christmas I can get some been watching her for many years and have yet to find a video i haven’t liked i love all of them

  • CRISTINEEEEEEE (I can’t spell names) MY NAIL BROKEEEEEEEE I’ve been growing my nails for a month ;-;

  • Is your halo eco-friendly or it's micro plastic?

  • cristine should do a nature like collection with earthly colors like brown and olive green

  • I can never manage to buy ANY of the polish


  • my birthday buddy

  • Are they fast drying ? And how do you get your nails to dry so quickly I feel like it takes hourssss

  • no electric Yellow????

  • I flipping LOVE this set so much! Each color is so vibrant and versatile. Love love love some holo!

  • Lol, why are there ads on a video that is basically an ad itself?!

  • We want HOLO dad hats

  • I stopped watching you in 2018. You popped in my head today and you have a nail polish line! Congrats I just ordered lavender syrup can’t wait to try it out keep making cool colors love you

  • I love the electric holo taco collection , so bright beautiful

  • Christine you should create a neon holo taco collection. It would be so cool to see the colors pop out with the holo

  • Do you have discount codes?

    • Get honey to get codes

  • IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HOW SHE WAS IN THE FINAL ROUND TO PLAY EMMA ON DEGRASSI?!? I could soooo see her playing that character wow

  • :)

  • Do they dry fast

  • Can you make halal nail polish? Call it Halal Taco? You have so many muslim followers and im sure you'll gain more if you did :) I would LOVE to be able to wear something like this. Please like so she can see this!

    • @afshan Oh cool me too

    • @puffgirl6 lmao I was calm the whole time ;)

    • @Afshan No YOU calm down

    • @puffgirl6 Ok geez calm down..

    • @afshan no its not.

  • Christine you’ve inspired me to start a nail channel showing that even if you have short nails like me you can still make them look nice

  • Hey I have to ask you since you're from Canada oh, I have just heard some news about Canada overheating so all these animals are dying like aquatic animals and stuff, I just wondered if you would tell us in the United States if that's true because we don't know who we can believe in our media. I know it's off topic but it's kind of important. And I know you will tell us the truth!!

  • YOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don't know if you'll read this but Kyle Hill is in a live episode and just mentioned he's wearing the black polish from this set and more over that he learned about it after meeting Post Malone who also was wearing it. Your black halo taco has hit the male celeb market. Thought you should know!


  • Are you telling me could have been in Drake's music video?!

  • I miss the old Christine :( I wish there were more videos like the old days, they were really funny

  • Love love love :) to bad 1 nailpolish is gonna cost me 34 euro 😅🤯😭😭😭😭

  • The Holo Queen has done it again! 💙🧡

  • Listen I don’t but expensive nail polish, I use what’s cheap, BUT ELECTROSTATIC IS SO DAMN PRETTY GOD I WANT IT

  • Who game her sunglasses!!!! :#

  • Holo chocolate! I'm sure Cristine would love it :P youtube.com/shorts/7oI0-npZx7o?feature=share

  • Please pray for me... my bf might murder me. I have placed 3 holo taco orders in the past week. Dont judge me. Just pray for my safety.

  • PLEASE stop swearing in your videos because I love watching your videos but last week my mom heard you swear in your video so she took my phone away so PLEASE stop SWEARING!!!

  • i didn’t make it in time to get the box:( but i still purchased it im just glad it didn’t get sold out

  • The facts literally shocked me tho😂

  • Can you do a neon Creme polish line??? I cannot find a decent neon green anywhere!

  • ⚡️💕

  • Btzzzz when the holo was to strong... Doo Doo duh

  • Loving the new collection. Do you still work for the Canadian government or is holoc toco the main job now? Sorry if thats to personal

  • I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from cristine, turns out USdos had unsubscribed me

  • I wanna see you bring out a full product line one day and be super successful and I actually think you will

  • Hey Simply you should watch everything wrong with Instagram beauty gurus I feel like you would like it

  • I love the colors but only one is really near neon

  • cristine u sould use acrylic nails

  • Is that package going to be back in stock any time? If so, Is there an ETA?? Please and Thank you much!

  • Can you review lil yachty’s nail polish Crete. Everyone that is doing reviews on it are people who don’t know nail polish (neither do I) and I was wondering if they were any good before I decide to purchase em.

  • you should one day sneak the pornhub intro into ur intro to see if anyone notices

  • From that email this morning, I’m impatiently waiting for that Safiya collab.

  • WHY IS THERE NO SHIPPING TO INDIA!!??😭😭😭 I wanted the hot wire pink SO bad😭😭

  • Hey! Random question, I wanna get into nail painting, but I barely have any nail due to a nervous habit I developed. I can’t stop biting and chewing my nails & cuticles. I know I should stop but it’s gotten involuntary at this point, but it’s super hard. Any tips to *stop* doing that? I’d like to start nail art, but this is really stopping me.

  • She should do a draw my life but with nail polish

  • omg i’ve been subscribed to you for like 3 yearssss

  • Cristine please try doing acrylic nails!

  • You can say it's lightning in a bottle

  • Wish you luck in your collection, Cristine! I think this collection will be my first holo taco purchase, i just need to wait a little because right now 1 dollar is the same as 5 reais(our coin)

  • Please take time Cristine to read my comment i think u should try to make cracking clay cause all the nail polish u have and try it will a lot of different polish please i love clay cracking

  • You should dye your hair HOLO.

  • They remind me of opals

  • I received news from a reliable source that this channel supports terrorism and extremism with the money it earns from USdos and will close soon I ask everyone to report this to USdos.

  • Ha, so this car coatings place @DipYourCar has a video where they apply a holo flakie over a black car and seal it with a “glossy top coat”. I kept screaming “GLOSSY TACO!!! TACO!!!” The whole thing then peels off when you want to change colors. I bet they even have a peelie bag! 🤣🤣🤣 usdos.info/border/video/z2mEgoFqp8yud6M

  • My eyes is hurting when I done watch this video

  • i bought your nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy

  • Hey cristine I haven’t been watching your channel for long but one thing is for sure you love H💿L💿 as much as I do, so here’s something cool for you. There is a rock that’s basically just natural occurring holo, it’s called and opal! Search it up it’s really pretty and to search it just put natural opal rock. They are super cool!

  • hey cristine, theres people that are selling your nail polishes on websites like ebay and Mecari. i’m not sure if its reselling or copying your brand. i just wanted to let you know. like this so cristine can see!

  • I'm weeks late but reading the last page of the book first? Hells yeah. I do that too. For some books it just kinda adds more context or gives a picture to the puzzle of a book, for a very select few, it just means I'm sending off a salute and walking into the control room of a sinking ship. I'm ok with both.

  • Not me being 2 weeks late 👀

  • I can relate to 2:44 because sometimes there’s a part in the book that just makes me nervous and I have to know if the characters are ok

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  • Idea you should make Swimming pool nails.

  • “Simple” on Facebook has posted a video titled Holo Taco and it shows their brand of glitter polish. Just thought you should know. facebook.com/SimpleThePage

  • Why hasn't cristine posted in 2 weeks I understand if cristine has been busy with Holo taco collections and testing I'm just curious, love you Cristine!

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  • I had edible holo on my birthday that’s all I have to say.

  • Did you know that your phone is Holo When you put water on your phone and yes it is real holo

  • Hey Kristen, My mom has alot of your nail polish and I'm painting my nails during this video! So pretty

  • Go Vegas Golden Knights!

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  • You remind me of a funny aunt 🥰

  • I make the EXACT same joke about my "7 body piercings".... all in my ears lol

  • Cristine there’s another troom troom channel called troom troom trick usdos.info/border/video/soGDe4CYrrNuo40 (the link is a vid of it called the love story of ice girl and hot boy) 😂

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  • I love all the colors you come out with. I’m disappointed that I’m so late to the party. I missed your debut by 2 years.

  • Btw, the people who disliked are ✨holophobes✨