Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails

Published on Nov 21, 2020
SimplyARRESTTHEMLogical ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • how many inches is your pretty hair? lol


  • i hope all those companies had a nice sweet smell of a law suit. 🙏🏼✨😩☕️🫖


  • Wow .. 😦

  • its sad especially when its nail product producers when they HAVE the nail products

  • too good

  • Us simply nailogical fans will recognize your fabulous nails anywhere. 😆

  • i tried to translate what it said "the new fever now in brazil polygel stretching can be done at home and it promises great and resistant nails for up to 20 days guarantee your kit with free shipping and get a free uv drying cabin"

  • It’s drive me crazy just watching I know this cringe 😬 why steal from a artist you could have just asked and made a contract / agreement with

  • Omg -Dynamic Nail Supply did this to me and made a fortune I have so much evidence ugh 😑 they make it so hard

  • Judge Christian has spoken

  • I’m glad you didn’t buy the products that are rip-offs. Like then you’re just supporting the bad behavior

  • If they can afford to print those thumbnails they can surely just use their own chrome or powders to recreate a look and use their own content!

  • Aren't these mostly the sketchy companies from China that change names often to sell the same stuff?

  • 6:19 it’s not Spanish 😂😭 it’s Portuguese

  • 2:15 tHatz WhAT sHe SaiD

  • watch some idiot be like “she’s not a real judge blah blah blah” stfu 😎

  • Love you but there's only 1 "r" in "familiar" and 2 in "photographer." Sorry...argh

  • i just realized you don’t watermark ur videos anymore (all of them)

  • 🦅👀

  • “I can’t read Spanish” I relate because they really do look the same!🤣

    • It was my reaction coz Portuguese and Spanish look the same to mmee

    • I know

    • you do realize that was portuguese right /lh

  • Hi!!!!_

  • Simply is now a jury

  • Horrible. Some of these probably never ship anything out and screw the people who paid them. My mom got something on Facebook, it never showed up on Paypal but was taken out of her account somehow, the thing shipped wasn't the chair she ordered... If we had money we would have tried to track them down and sue them. Do you research before ordering anywhere ppl!

  • I have a hollo sparkle dressOn my llama plush she

  • the people using the thumbnails in their salons likely didn't mean to and had no idea, they probably just googled for images of those specific nails and printed them out

  • Gringo or gringa just means someone who is from an english-speaking country lol. Also, that video was from Brazil.

  • it's not spanish, It's portuguese Cristine

  • Gringa means white girls

  • the simply community is just awesome

  • The losers criticizing cristine for mistaking Spanish and Portuguese ruin this video ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS SIT TF DOWN

  • Actually this is very eye opening

  • 6:06 it says “the new trend between gringas” they just took your video randomly just for put some credit on the product and probably don’t know who you are, still wrong tho Oh, and it’s not spanish it’s portuguese


  • This pisses me off SO MUCH dshddavjvsjda


  • The jury has spoken we declare them guilty .

  • Get Justice

  • "a nova febre das gringas" O BERROOOOO QUE DEI

  • Sorry I unsubscribed then resubscribed to look at the color😭😭

  • These people will go to #simplyjailoligicail lol not my idea-

  • The video: Brasil the translate google: Portuguese Cristine: spanish You just get a bunch of angry latins, Gringa

  • Ok so if troom troom uses her nails then is it ok?- bc she CLEARLY wants them to do that

  • Cristine: if i ever become a private investigator- Me: SIMPLY P.I??!? iykyk-

  • "I can't read Spanish" IT'S PORTUGUESE CRISTINE!!! And "gringos" is a way to call USA citizens Sending love from Ururguay 🇺🇾❤

  • Gringa/gringo can either be a slang term for white people/ someone ignorant or can be an informal term for someone who is foreign

  • They used your face because your so well known in the nail biz! Your a trusted face in the beauty influencer world, they are corrupting your face lol 🤣

  • 6:12 cristine that isnt spanish........... not you too.........

  • Hahahaha I died with the spanish comment 😂😂

  • "can't read spanish"just at the moment in the bottom of the video says brazil AJAJAJ somebody forgot to read the whole text

  • Cristine Go Off

  • Okay, but do you have any idea how enraged I was when she said "I cant speak spanish" when it was portuguese

  • These videos involve nail art. You know these videos are old 😭😭

  • You're worried about hurting their business??? They're not worried about stealing from you. Help us help you! Let us know who these businesses are.

  • As far as I know gringo and gringa are terms that latin people use for foreign or white people

  • Omg… my parents names are Christine & Ben lol

  • Just contact the company and complain alot about it

  • Ik this video was a year ago but I thought I’d still say it,so Christine I hope you see this! To stop people from stealing your video I would recommend putting your watermark in the middle of the screen,ok I know that sounds super weird and crazy but before you start telling me that that would block the screen hear me out. If you made the watermark part clear (meaning it’s not so opaque that you can’t see the video and that it’s not so clear that you can barely see it)then they can’t crop it out because then they would have to crop out the middle of the video and that would be very awkward- (and people would instantly tell they tried to steal something that wasn’t there’s).


  • your hair is LONG

  • 6:36 im pretty sure thats sayin "a new fever among white people" (gringo is a word for white people)

  • 7:26 gringa does not mean white girls lol (some brazilians are white and not called gringa) gringa its a woman that is from north american and speaks english for man is gringo

  • 6:20 gurl that aint spanish it is portuguese

  • The court has spoken... they are GUILTY!! Btw on the first foreign language video, its not Spanish, it’s portuguese, just cuz im Spanish and I don’t understand that 😅 loved the vid tho


  • no one steals our mom U-U

  • The first comment about you nails being advertised at shops I was like The AUDACITY Ther is only one person that can possibly use that sentence Bestie is that you?

  • This sucks. I'm sorry they're stealing your content for money. I'm always scared someone will steal my art. I write my instagram and my initials on my art, but I put them in the corners so they would prob be easy to crop out. :(

  • I know this won't be seen but what about the water mark in the middle of the screen

  • when you realixze that she didnt put a watermark in this video

  • Any updates on the domestic business doing u wrong?

  • THEY HAD A PICTURE OF BEYYYN 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Minute 6:40 says: "the new fever among the gringas (which is a disrespectful form of say "Americans")" they have no shame.... (sorry for my bad English haha)


  • The puzzled scooter dewailly share because goldfish notably behave between a amazing ostrich. cloudy, normal screen

  • u should go to the nail salon and tell them about the thumbnail

  • i think a good thing to do with your watermark next time is to put it in the middle of the screen cause companies and stuff will just crop it out. even tho it might looks irritating it's still worth it! and if they blur it out you can tell easily. (*great tip from a 12-yr-old hope it works*)

  • I checked out Amaya´s instagram and every single picture had comments that said "Stolen" we really are going after them :D

  • The second types of vids that's said gringas it was in Portuguese language from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • 7:03 gringo it’s the word that we use one people or from the United States in their first language is English and don’t translate that video to Spanish because it’s not Spanish

  • 6:10 that language is not Spanish

  • It's annoying, but your very beautiful! So I would take it as a compliment

  • Your hair looks so good!

  • That’s not flippin Spanish

  • What do you companies pleed. Companies: Not gu- *GUILTY*

  • I just Happened to stumble across one of your videos and i cant stop watching them.❣️

  • You really are such a great person for the way you dealt w this...not calling them put by name and destroying their businesses? Anyone else would have!

  • thats not spanish its portuguese t-t

  • I agree

  • u changed so much

  • SEND THEM TO SIMPLY JAILOGICAL (inspired comment not my idea plz don’t hate original comment by Alana Lynn L.)

  • I thought of a person just ripping out your nails

  • the things people do from money

  • Cristine: Alright I’m gonna stop banging this now My dad: Hey that’s what I said when Isla was born!

  • 2:35 if she becomes a private investigator, she would hire us to solve the case...... what the fudge??? What are you gonna do? Apply nailpolish?? . . . . . . . . . Jk I would totally work for you. 😂😂 Love you ❤️❤️😘😘

  • We would have another rapunzle type situation with your hair?

  • "Gringas" would presumably be because your thing is "Holo Taco" ? xD

  • I think the dip powder nail photo is being sold by a poster company.

  • Wait, what if that multichrome makeup is causing your eye sensitivity?