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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels.

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13:03I Put My Boyfriend On A Billboard
I Put My Boyfriend On A BillboardViews 1.3M3 months ago
14:41Jawbreaker Nails (I drilled my nail)
18:56ASMR Nail Art (holo tingles)
ASMR Nail Art (holo tingles)Views 974K6 months ago
21:29Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
Trying 2021 Nail Art TrendsViews 2.9M6 months ago
17:08We Tried Making Holographic Chocolate
14:00Painting My Nails Upside Down
Painting My Nails Upside DownViews 1.3M7 months ago
17:42Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails
16:53Is It Food Or Is It Nail Polish?
18:42What's Wrong With My Face
What's Wrong With My FaceViews 3.4M11 months ago


  • Me: *Wants long nails but I have band class and I can’t drop out*

  • I have been weirdly obsessed with your videos recently...


  • My birthdays October 18th

  • “This is Florida everyone drives drunk and has a gun”

  • Christine just makes me a happier person in general

  • The answer to life is always… MORE HOLO

  • Why do I not hate the end result

  • I’m gay, polyamorous, trans, panromantic, and last but not least, holosexual 😼

  • I have a tip insted of licking the tooth pick put it in some water like just get a bowl or a cup put some water in then now you dont have to lick it every time plus you avoid getting some nail polish in your mouth

  • CutePolish: And if all else fails just paint my polar bear in a snow storm design. CutePolish: *Paints nail white* Cristine: *Precedes to paint a polar bear in a snow storm....* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I will choose free will - Rush

  • They were ahead of their time. This video is gold

  • I always try growing my nails long but they always end up breaking and I don't even do much. I just eat and watch videos.

  • I used to love doing that to my dad … good memories hehe


  • i cant stop lafing and criying

  • **Me literally leaving as soon as Ben said the word "practical"**

  • Tw: depression I get what you guys are saying but school really sucks especially during covid I have really bad adhd so school is super hard for me and i get super depressed when I struggle with school. And last year during quartine I failed my first class ever and I mentally fell apart

  • I can't grow my nails because I play violin and I do kickstart

  • je suis à moitié français

  • This showed up on my homepage and I thought Christine had uploaded a new nail art video :/

  • 300

  • So I have to stop cuddling my kitten

  • I searched holo and all i saw was u

  • Are you dead?


  • I paint my own press on for special occasions. I don't bite my nails, but I don't have time to take care of them and make sure they're growing healthy (I also don't want long nails all the time) All in all if you ever get a chance (even if you don't wear them) design a set, it's very fun

    • I'm also horrendous at doing nail art with my left hand

  • Someone call Captain Disillusion 😂

  • I'm watching this with a swollen face from sunburn, it's not as bad, but im right there with you

  • The intro tho..

  • Menchie is simply adorable on the couch top

  • And..nine months (2021) later she releases the Remix Collection.

  • Your wet hair is confirming my lesbianism

  • I can’t tell if she meant ph-oat-oshoot or not

  • what 1:13

  • Honestly I feel like being a Profesional organizer would be a job I would love to but I hate cleaning lol

  • Back to school nails please

  • Anyone else coming here after the one that she made in 2021

  • I love doing my nails 💅

  • Ehh the Arkells!

  • Ben: you would be better at this Me: BEYYNNNN 😟

  • Jeeze it was a big chunk

  • still a funny and relevant video

  • Love your work 🔥

  • The only hair thing that actually bothers me is her part 😅 I used to have insane long hair myself so I totally get everything else lol

  • coming back to these after 5 years you start to realise how innocent you used to be.

  • "Keep your nails out of water" im a swimmer i cant

  • can we have a video about all the cat clocks

  • I used to do my Grandma's nails and bring her different nail polishes...she passed away last month and this video brings back all those memories


  • This just popped up in my reccomended after watching the 2 year anniversary remix collection stream and it's all too exciting

  • I want a restock of glossy tacos please

  • Cristine: BEN Cristine: BEYYN Cristine: BEYNNNNNNNNN Ben: WHAT Cristine: that was an angry Ben-

  • tbh ur nails look like the instagram icon😭

  • Wow another person that was sick during the holidays

  • The intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂 “so basically.....” HAHAHAHA

  • "when was the last time u broke ur nails when ur doing stuff with ur hands" (dont quote me on that its not the exact words) me: 0-0 i broke 1 of my nails like a month ago and i was just standing doing nothing with my hands MY HANDS WHERE IN THE AIR >:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fringing school ghosts 0n0

  • Wonder if she tried making 'Simply Extra' for the Remix collection.

  • Rip to those wearing headphones 😂

  • Got an ad on this video from some weird nail site that used one of your pictures ((:

  • Do you know azzyland cause your personality is like her


  • simply we're 3 days apart! 14TH OCT 2006 and You're 17TH OCT 1988 YEEHHEEEEE

  • Do you know kazzy office and Moe sargi

  • Y nobody talking about how many emails Christine has 😂

  • That's my name

  • hay grill love the vids also the add I've gotten it like 6 times watched it all the way thro each time

  • The beginning of the end Lol that made me laugh

  • Cristine: Soo... What do you think.... Beynn: Wow... You really.... Tried Cristine: *suprised pikachu face*

  • Such good asmr 😊